Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Gardens

 I finally got a few photos to load on here.  I don't think it is blogger.  I think it is something on my computer that I haven't figured out yet.  This flower is in the Climatron so I know that it is tropical.  I don't know what it is called ...but I love it.

There is an herbal garden that has lots of medicinal herbs and plants and some trees.  I had Bob take a photo of this lemon thyme because I want to remember to plant some.  If you  run your hands over it...the oils stay on your hand for awhile...and it smells so good.  I love smells like jasmine, orange, pine, eucalyptus, most all of the herbal smells that are sometimes used in handmade soaps.  Having the plants around the house would be even better.  I have grown some outside in the past, but I think I will try some indoors.  I read at the gardens that roses have a lot of medicinal properties to them, and that just smelling them can improve your mood.   I love the smell of our peonies when they bloom.  They should be blooming in another week or so....depending on the weather. 

Here are some glass colored bulbs in the large fountain in front of the Climatron.

The Japanese Gardens.  
It will look  very pretty in one more week, when all of the azaleas are blooming.
If we lived closer I would visit here as often as I could.  It really puts you in a peaceful state of mind.


Winifred said...

They are lovely gardens Brenda and your photos are beautiful.

Like you I love the smell of paeony roses. When I used to work and they were in bloom I remember going out into the garden early in the morning. I used to smell the paeonies and they certainly did make me feel so relaxed before I went to work.

It will be a few weeks yet before ours bloom. I've had to water them as it's been so dry here for months. Some have withered in bud already. I bet they flower when we're on holiday and I miss them. They just don't last long enough.

The Bug said...

Ooh - LOVE the Japanese garden - so peaceful. Can I go there now? :)

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, your photos are just gorgeous, Brenda! I love the herbs as well. Rosemary smells wonderful, too, and lavender.

Sun is shining today! Woo Hoo! Been out enjoying it. Hope the sucky weather doesn't return anytime soon.



Rudee said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I can't imagine the work it takes keep those gardens so lush.

Sandy said...

funny enough i took a visual tour of st louis gardens about a week ago. i would love to see it in person...reminds me of our Huntington Gardens out here in Pasadena

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