Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mommy's Day

 My Mom and I .
1977 when Bob and I got married.

 This was taken when Katy graduated from High School in 1998.  My Dad wasn't in the best of health then.. and she drove by herself (about an hour away)  to attend Katy's graduation.  She didn't like to smile very much when she got older because she had some teeth missing.  But if she wasn't having her photo taken she laughed a lot in spite of a lot of heart aches and stress for one reason or another.
For some reason I miss her a little more this year than I have in past years.  I think about things I wish I had asked her when she was still alive.  I wished that I would have taken more of an interest in what her dreams were.  I think we did have a pretty good relationship, not perfect, but over all...very good.   We both liked to sew and quilt and go to Quilt Shows together.  We liked to go out to eat when we could, because we both did our share of making home cooked going out was always fun.  We had a few..." laugh until you almost wet your pants moments"...well maybe a little more than we aged together.  She passed away in 2003 when she was 83 and I was 52.  I never called her Mommy...but I like Mom or Mommy better than Mother.  Mother sounds so formal.  Happy Mothers Day or Mom's Day or Mommy's Day.....!


The Bug said...

I'm missing my mom more this year too. It could just be some hormonal shifting going on (ahem), but it hasn't been a lot of fun.

Love your wedding picture. I like to look at other people's wedding photos :)

Rudee said...

I love that wedding photo! I'm missing my mom a lot, too. The Bug made me cry with her sentiments.


Happy Mommy's Day, Brenda>

Sandy said...

i liked seeing the photos. i miss my mom too...

Winifred said...

It's funny but you seem to miss them more as time goes on. You were so blessed to have your Mum for so long but it's never enough is it. Lovely photos Brenda, lovely memories.

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