Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sedona in the late 80's

I have been going through some of our old photos that I scanned into the computer last year and have been trying to at least give each of  them a name.. to make it easier to find, if and when I have time to group them into a folder.  I enjoyed some of these that I took sometime in the late 80's (I think)...of Sedona, Arizona when I went to visit a friend that lives in Scottsdale.

At the time I had never been anywhere much... other than our bordering states, and when I first landed in Phoenix and looked around I thought I had landed on Mars or another planet.  I had never seen so much bare earth and large mounds of rocky soil.  No grass...very little color.  It really took me awhile to appreciate this state's beauty.

I had an excellent tour guide, my friend Eva, who not only drove me all around for days, but who also knew so much about each mountain and what it was called along with some history facts.

 I cannot relay that information to you in this post because I have forgotten it all.  When she drove me up to Sedona...the mountains there... took my breath away.  I couldn't believe the beauty I was experiencing.  Through my eyes and deep in my soul.

The red rocks were just stunning to me.

The light that came through and hit certain areas... was unbelievably beautiful.

I have heard that it has become very commercialized since these years.  Something I know the area did not want to happen.  I have not traveled to very many places in my life yet...but so far at 60 years old Sedona is the most beautiful place I have seen.


The Bug said...

It looks gorgeous... Maybe someday we'll make it out there...

Rudee said...

I loved Sedona and the Oak Creek Canyon areas. Though at first glance one thinks Arizona lacks color, it really doesn't. It's different, but stunning. I really liked Tucson, too.

Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I think you should enlarge and frame them, Brenda. Put them on your walls so you can see the beauty every day!

Sandy said...

oh wow. First off, gorgeous of them i saved off to paint.

mike and i went there in the mid 2000's, twice...then on up to Prescott- another area i love.

in sedona - it wasn't so much the have to see touristy areas but off the beaten path...i loved.
oak canyon...hiking along their...oh wonderful...

of course the plaza with all the art galleries.

we went again a few years later when mike's dad died - he had moved there with his new girlfriend who was a famous artist and lived there...i have some photos and i'll post them on one of the blogs.

i'm so glad you fell in love with the southwest in your has so many beautiful places.

are you going to post more photos....

i accidentally lost mine..i thought i had saved the majority off on a disc and i can't find them..i still have a few that were in picasa...

Sandy said...

oh i meant to say - isn't it incredible when you round the one curve and see the first red mountain in the distance..i was so awed by that.

Brenda said...

I hope you get to go at least once. There are so many beautiful places to see...I know this is just one of many.

I would like to frame some. I am not sure the resolution is good enough on these old photos for framing. You are right about Tucson. I was there last year and tried to get some photos of the Catalina Mountains. Those are really beautiful also.

I haven't been to Prescott yet. I am wondering which photo you want to paint. My favorite ones are the last two. I would love to stay at Oak Canyon for at least a week. I have never really been in a position to take good photos when I have visited. I only go for a short day trip. Someday I want to make a real vacation out of that area.
I remember some of your posts with your Dad and his wife there. I bet a lot of your photos are still on your blog. I do remember you posting some.
And yes....the drive..oh my gosh...just the surprises you see right around the corner....beautiful!

Reader Wil said...

Some rocks are like ancient buildings. They are so intriguing!

Sandy said...

hi brenda, second photo from the bottom...outstanding - would love to paint or draw something with that. was my dad who lived in tombstone arizona - and also at one time along the colorado river in parker.

it was mike's dad who lived in
sedona - but only for about a year.

i hope you can get a vacation soon.

i feel like we have some interested buyers - several have come around and hopefully just waiting on an that means some day we can be done with all this and travel soon.

Sandy said...

prescott - ...when you drive in to the center of town it will remind you of a home town of your. it reminded me of three towns i have lived in - it was so strange.

then when we were leaving - there was a sign that said you are "leaving everybody's home town."...weird weird.

what i liked was the town square -the restaurants - the saloons...

the scenery...

i would love to retire there..but with the kids down here i couldn't

Reader Wil said...

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