Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kids are Fun...

 I am still going through old photos and thought I would share a few on here.  Here is one of Bobby's friends jumping in our pool on the last day of their 8th grade graduation..., school uniform and all.  Even their shoes..I think.  I let them have some fun.  I think Katy's class built a bon fire and burned their school shoes.  I really liked that they had to wear uniforms and the same shoes.   No competition or peer pressure with the clothes.

Another one I liked.  Playing Battleship together.  We used to play a lot of board games.  Those were the days....when you had to sit down and play a game with someone else...before computers and Nintendos, etc.

Bobby was usually doing something crazy for a photo opt.  Diving over a couch.  He didn't get hurt.

And diving onto bean bags.

If I remember this right....Katy had a friend over and they decided to wrap Bobby up to the chair and then took a photo.  It looks like toilet paper...earmuffs and google eyes.  I think they also toilet papered the dog that night.

Like my new hat Mom??

I love this picture.  Wrapping paper rolls with shoes and socks.  Very creative.

And when Brian joined our family... he tried to throw Bobby over a wall.
  Not is a short ledge.

Oh to be young and carefree again.....


Country Girl said...

I love old photos! I have a huge box waiting to be filed myself! And yes.... kids are fun! Our youngest just turned 13! The other 4 are 20 up to 34! But now we have a grandchild on the way! ~ I love kids!

Rudee said...

I've got to say, the photo with the wrapping paper rolls made me stop, think and laugh. Thanks!

Renie Burghardt said...

Love your old pictures, Brenda. Looks like your kids had a fun childhood!

Bet that pool is getting used a lot the last couple of days. 95 with heat index of 103 today, around here.

Have a great weekend!

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