Saturday, June 25, 2011

Out and About Today

Today was our 34th wedding anniversary.  We decided to go somewhere where we could take photos, and one of the best places for that is our Missouri Botanical Gardens.  The show of lilies there today was just beautiful!  We have some lilies at our house but I wanted to take lots of photos of these today as a reminder to plant some of these someday.

Several other couples were at the gardens today getting married
  and I couldn't resist snapping a few photos.

There was  an exhibit of photos in the entry with some really beautiful shots of St Louis Architecture.  I found out later after we got home that they are in a book.  And guess who will be buying it.  Bob and I both really love to admire buildings and churches and the history behind them.

Bob is observing one of the weddings.

They have been working on this building called 
The Linnean House 
the last few times we have been to the gardens. 
Today it was finished.    Isn't it beautiful!

This glass ornament on the gate has been there for several years now
and I can't help wondering how it has held up through all of our terrible storms this year. 
I wonder if they remove it at the end of the day.  
Doesn't the gate look strange from this angle.  A little eye trickery.

Hungry koi.
 We don't always walk down this way, but we did today.  
This cute little house is just a tower to climb up and get a little better view.  
There is a maze garden right next to it, but it was very overgrown. 
I wondered why...because it is very attractive when it is trimmed. 
And they do a great job of keeping the gardens beautiful at all times of the year. 
Except maybe in the winter.  I am not sure if it is even open in the winter.

I sometimes look at the base of trees and observe how oddly shaped they are.

I know they do  a lot of pruning  at the gardens...
much more so than most of us
trim our trees at our homes, 
so I am not sure 
if this has anything to do 
with the shape at the bases or not.

Bob didn't know I was snapping photos of him today.
  I love this one of him walking through the English Garden.

The day went by way too fast...........


Sandy said...

I really enjoyed seeing these photos. there is some beautiful architecture there and those lillies, gorgeous. Love the gate.

sounds like a great day. Happy anniversary..

Rudee said...

What a charming place to visit. The trees are interesting and beautiful.

Happy Anniversary, Brenda and Bob!

The Bug said...

Happy anniversary! These are great pictures - somewhere else I'd like to visit sometime.

Renie Burghardt said...

Great photo's of a beautiful place. One day, when we get to St. Louis, we will have to visit The Missouri Botanical Gardens.

Happy Anniversary, Brenda and Bob!



Patty said...

What a lovely place to visit on your anniversary. Beautiful photos of all the things you saw.

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