Monday, July 18, 2011

The Little Old Lady From Pasadena

This morning I took Bob's car into the dealership to have some maintenance work done.  While waiting, an elderly lady drove up in a 30 plus year old Mustang.  Fancy hub caps and all.  I told her she had a nice car when she came in to sit down.  She said that every where she goes she usually has someone ask her if she wants to sell it.  She said she has had it for 30 years and just had power brakes installed.  I had to think for a minute because I am pretty sure cars had power brakes 30 years ago.  Her car looked a little like a race car.  I know nothing about race cars.  I do remember learning how to drive with cars that did not have power anything and no automatics...only stick shifts.  That was more like 40 years ago though.  Anyway..this little old lady was a doll.  She was super friendly and the dealership treated her like she was a queen.  There was a TV in the waiting room, which I always find annoying because I would prefer to read a book and the TV is always a distraction.  They had the channel on a local News Show.  We just had "U2" here last night, and the nice little lady said they were a great group but she didn't think she would stand outside in the heat to see them.  I don't even know who they lame is that?!??!  I have heard of their name before, but could not tell you any of their music.  She seemed to know a lot about them.  They appeared at our Busch Stadium and it took them a week to set up for the band.  They removed all of the grass on the field.  Why...I don't know.  I heard it will take another week to put sod down and get it ready for the next game at home.  We are having a heat advisory for this week.  Today it was 97 real temp.  Feels like....150.  Well...not quite, but my clothes were wet just getting in and out of the car today.  I haven't stepped outside since I returned home.
While I was driving home and thinking about the lady at the dealership...I thought about this song.  She was nothing like a crazy driver or anything...that I know of....she just looked a little odd in a souped up car.


Renie Burghardt said...

Ha! Cute story about the little old lady in her fancy mustang! Was she as old as me? Haha. When I go down the river in the jet ski, younger people whizzing by in their jet ski's always wave and laugh, like look at the little old lady in the jet ski! Oh, and I don't know about U2 either!

The heat just kills me, cause I'm an outdoor person, and am stuck indoors in the heat. And I'm getting bored with going on Facebook all the time. I would rather be out with people.

Keep cool, Brenda. The rest of the week is suppossed to be more sizzling then ever! UGH!

The Bug said...

U2 is a great group - although their show uses a LOT of energy & Bono (the lead singer) really advocates for the environment so that's kind of a disconnect. Go listen to "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" (at least I think that might be the name of the song).

I think you need to start carrying your camera around so you can take pictures of these things you see :)

Rudee said...

What a great story!

Perhaps the stadium didn't want their sod ruined so they pulled it up to protect it all.

I love U2, but mostly their older stuff.

Brenda said...

You aren't as old as the lady I saw. Ha. And you are braver than I am to go on a jet ski. I tried water skiing when I was younger and liked it...but would never try it now. I love to drive a speed boat though! I know what you mean about the is HOT here!

I had my iPhone with me and could have taken a photo....but it would have been really obvious, and I didn't have the nerve to ask her if she would pose for a photo.

Ummm...never thought about them reusing the sod. Maybe they do. Sounds like a lot of work. Hope you are doing okay!

Reader Wil said...

You write well, Brenda! I can see it before me. What a great old lady! I can't even drive.
Thanks for your comment on Norway.
I do hope that the weather with you will
be cooler before long. Our summer is far too cold this year.

Sandy said...

cute post....and OMG that heat yuck. we have been moving in close to 100 degree temps - and my bedroom is on the second floor of the legs hurt. but we are all moved in now.

Winifred said...

That's so funny Brenda.

U2? I do know them but I don't like them at all. The lead singer Bono has a terrible voice can't hit a note for toffee! He does some really good charity work though so he can't be all bad.

Hot weather? We should be so lucky.

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