Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Fun

Sunday we all got together at our house.  Brian's parents were in town, Lou and Eileen.  Bob and Lou grilled some meat outside and Maddie wanted to go out and join them.  Kayla does not like being left out of anything.  She tried to open the door to go out but thank goodness she can't quite do that yet.  Well...neither can Maddie.  Here is Maddie looking at Kayla... telling her she is too little to come out side right now. 

And then giving her a kiss.

Maddie is explaining to her Grandpas that the Momma cat has lots of boobs to feed all of her kittens

She is quite a chatter box and I am sure there were lots of other topics that came up...but I have to get Bob to fill in on that.

This is the Momma that Maddie was talking about.  She looks up at me as if to say "Help!"  Help is coming, hopefully for this Mom.  I am trying to get her in to get spayed in a couple of weeks.  And possible find homes for the kitties if there is room at the shelter.  I have really enjoyed watching the little kitties play, etc.  and I have taken lots of photos of them.  So sad that there aren't enough homes for all of these strays.  Most of the strays around here seem to do okay.  This mom though just looks like she has had enough.  I hope I can get her to go in the cage so the volunteer vets can fix her.


Rudee said...

Sara and I laughed and laughed over Maddie's sincere expression when she was explaining the momma cat's anatomy.

Your grand-babes are precious, Brenda. I think I love them.

The Bug said...

LOVE the pic of the girls kissing through the glass - precious! And I'm sure the grandpas really enjoyed her conversation :)

Good luck with Mama cat!

bettyjf1 said...

Love the photos.. I can certainly identify with what kids say.. When you least expect them to!!!

Patty said...

I hope she gets spayed, that way you won't end up with a bunch of kittens you don't really want. Our one daughter ended up having about five strays that came up and now live at their house, spayed and neutered. So no more kitties. Also now if a stray comes up, they trap it and relocate it far enough away, unless they can find a good home. They hate taking them to the animal shelter since they are so often put to sleep. Always a problem, but they also don't let food out doors, they feed them twice a day and take in what ever they don't eat, so strays won't be coming up. They use to let it set until it was gone and they figured this was attracting those strays. Kittens are so nice, just like any baby animal, but then they grow.

Sandy said...

cute photo of the cat and the girls kissing, so cute.

Hey, didn't you buy a camera last year. was it a Kodak - ...seems like it was. I'm thinking of going back to a Kodak easyshare I have to get a new one - mine is on its' last leg through abuse..ha

anyway i like the quality of your pics...

Brenda said...

Thanks! Maddie is always coming up with something. She is a hoot!

Thanks....I liked the way Kayla was on her tippy toes.

I wish I could remember all the things they say. I think I could try and publish a book. You too...with all of your grands.

Sounds like your daughter experienced the same things we have...only we can't bring them inside because of allergies. It is so weird because as soon as I went and bought a cage and put it out there...I haven't seen them. So now I don't know if I can catch her. UGH!

Thanks. I bought a Sony cybershot for a couple hundred dollars and it works really well. I was really having trouble with the easyshare by Kodak.

Gigi Ann said...

LOL.. Maddie knows all about those kitties. I just think baby kitties are the cutest things ever, and I love the smell of baby kitties, they have a lovely little smell all their own. Oh well, now you know i'm a little off upstairs.

I love the girls kissin' through the glass doors. So cute.

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