Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sterile Feral



Choke Hold

Mama cat's last litter.  I took her in a couple of weeks ago to get Fixed at Sterile Feral through the Humane Society.  I could not believe how many people were in line there with stray cats.  Most were saying the same thing I did.  "I had no idea how many strays there were in our area until I put food out for the kittens."  So far I spayed one and our neighbor sprayed and neutered two.  I may try and take some of these kittens in when I can.  The feral sterile program is all volunteers.  So nice to see how many people really love animals...even when they don't live in our homes.
I wanted to add from Rudee's comment that... the fee is $20 per animal and they spay or neuter and also give a 3 year rabies shot.  You have to provide the cage and after care.  You bring them in at 9 am and usually pick them up in the early afternoon.  You are suppose to try and keep them in the cage for 24 hours and give them small amounts of water and food after 8 hours.  Our cat escaped after 8 hours when I tried to give her water and food.  I thought she may not survive...but she showed up a few days later with her kittens and seemed very healthy.  Her appetite is better than ever and she looks healthier.  She always used to make sure her litter had food before she would eat....even though she was  nursing 5.  We can not own any animals because of allergies that our grand daughter has.  The outside cats just show up I don't really feel like they are mine.  I just feed them if they show up at the door looking hungry.  I think cats are really pretty...but there is one that we have seen come through the yard that scares the bejeebies out of me.  All black and very long hair and just looks scary.....yikes!  Who can resist a little kitten though.  I love to watch them wrestle and play outside.


Rudee said...

You're a good soul, Brenda. I think they're your cats now, whether you think so, or not. I'm glad they have you to look after them.

Does the humane society do this at no cost?

The Bug said...

I'm glad you're doing your part for these animals Brenda. Mama will probably be glad to not be having anymore babies - cute as they are :)

Sandy said...

They are adorable and what a nice thing you are doing...this is so cool you will try and help in that way...

and it's such a good idea.

Renie Burghardt said...

You did a very good thing, Brenda! Mama and babies are so cute.

Happy September!

bettyjf1 said...

Adorable! My sister in law volunteers every day at a shelter.. I'd love to rescue a cat - but our grown kids (two of them) have allergies too.. That was really good of you Brenda

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