Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Trip to the Mall

I got brave one day this week and took the kids to the mall.  I don't usually like to go very many places with them by myself because they can out run me.  Look at the dare devil Miss Maddie here on this jumping thing.  The child is only 3 1/2 and she thinks jumping up and down 2 stories high is the best thing ever.

Kayla would too if she were allowed to go on it.  She is even more adventurous that her big sister.   She was content in the little play area.  While we there I saw a man carrying a naked mannequin around the mall.  What the heck?!?!?  Maybe she was out for some repairs or something.  But I couldn't help wondering why he wouldn't have been carrying her through a back door somewhere instead of through the mall.  Oh well...who I am to judge about crazy looking things occurring here and there.  I walked in late for church last Sunday (I am usually 30 minutes early).  I was just going to go to the adoration chapel and stay there because the parking lot was packed and I didn't think I could get a seat without making a scene.  I forgot that the chapel is now open and sat down and found myself looking out at everyone in the church, and they were looking at me.  Our chapel used to be enclosed before the remodeling.  I have never felt so foolish.  After the homily I walked out and back in the front door.  I thought standing would be better than being so exposed right behind the altar.  So embarrassing...


Rudee said...

Your girls leave me breathless. They are so adorable. My kids used to get so mad at me because I wouldn't let them play on the mall toys.

You know, because of what you did last Sunday, there will be a fight for seats in the adoration chapel. Sould leave more room for you in the main part of the church.

Renie Burghardt said...

Rudi is so funny, and probably right!~

The girls are adorable. We don't have any malls around here, just small shopping centers. We went to Jonesboro, Arkansas, 80 miles away, in early June, just so I could go to the Turtle Creek Mall. I enjoyed it, but had forgotten my camera. But the shopping was fantastic. I love malls. Probably because we don't have any around here.

Take care!

Sandy said...

enjoyed the catching up...had a giggle or two also, cause that sounds like something i would have done.

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