Monday, September 26, 2011

Life is Good

Nothing much going on lately to write about.  I went to a Mosaic Festival last weekend and then yesterday I went to an Oktoberfest with Katy and the kids.  Neither event was worth talking about really.  The kids had a lot of fun painting pumpkins and doing other activities with Mom and friends.  I walked around and found a booth that had Apple Funnel Cakes.  It was really good the first few bites and half way through I started to get sick.  Too much and too rich...but very tasty.  Thursday we are going to Des Moines for a Quilt Show.  I am really looking forward to it because I missed the spring show in Paducah.    I bought a book about creative writing and hope to read some of it on our trip.  I thought about taking a class or some classes at the Community College...but never got around to looking into it.  Maybe I can pick up some tips from this book and try to actually write something...a novel...poem...something.  This blog has become very b o r i n g.........zzzzzzzzz....


Renie Burghardt said...

Yes, funnel cakes are too rich, because they're deep fried, and though they taste good, they will make me sick, for sure. I can't eat anything rich and greasy. Well, at least the kids had fun.

You'll enjoy trying creative writing, Brenda.

Have a nice rest of the afternoon. I just got home a bit ago, so decided to check out blogger, which I rarely do anymore.

The Bug said...

Mmm - funnel cake... Yeah I can't tolerate them all that well anymore either.

I think you're a good writer - you should definitely try your hand at some other forms :)

RWV said...

I always enjoy reading your posts!

Brenda said...

Thanks Renie and Dana and Hubby!

Rudee said...

I can't wait to see the photos from the quilt show. You know, you're a really good photographer. The picture you posted here is proof. I love the angle, and yes, Life is Good.

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