Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well...I finally went to the Dr. last week about my shoulder pain and my Dr. said to go to an Orthopedist because he would just be guessing that it was either bursitis or tendonitis or osteoarthritis.  I did call and make an appointment, but cancelled it yesterday because all of a sudden the pain got a lot better.  I was having a really hard time lifting the kids, especially trying to get them in their car seats.  The weird thing was the pain had been there for a few months ..everyday.  Usually when it hangs around that long, I figure it is worth getting checked out.  I still may have to go back at some point, but right now I just can't see piling up the costs of x-rays and specialist fees.  We are still recovering from the high cost of my endoscopy.  All I can say is that I am very thankful that so far Bob and I don't have a lot of health problems.  Knock on wood.  The cost of it all can deplete your money so fast.  I just don't know how others survive with major illnesses.  While I was at the Dr. the receptionist asked me if I would sign up for My Chart.  I guess it is a way to communicate via internet.  I signed up for it...but now I wonder if I really want all my medical info on the internet.  I think it is ...already ..because all the doctors use internet now instead of a written chart like they used to use.  I guess we are just stuck with this new technology...no turning back.  It probably has so many good parts to it ....but I see some... not so good parts also.  I think our privacy rights  really went out the window several years ago.  With the smart phones...you can snap a photo very easily without being noticed and some people  abuse this for their own gains.  I have heard they can watch you key in your pin numbers or whatever.  I try not to pay very much attention to the news...so depressing sometimes.   I guess desperate people do desperate things.  I am reading a book right now by Ken Follett called "World Without End"  It is a follow up to his book called "The Pillars of Earth".  These books are about the "Middle Ages".  Wow!  Some really brutal things happened during those times.   His books are really interesting.  Reading about history though just shows you that we have never lived in a perfect world.  Unless you believe that those of us that grew up in the 50's...lived like "Leave It To Beaver".  Ha!


Gigi Ann said...

I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder, and hope it continues not to bother you anymore.

Talking about endoscopies I have to have the endoscopy thing every two years. The Dr. wants to check my esophagus and upper stomach and anything else she can scout around in. I have to have an ultrasound every six months, and blood work done every six months. And that is just with that d
Dr. I also have my regular Dr. I have to see once a year. But thankfully for me Medicare picks up a big chunk of the bills.

The Golden Years are not what I expected, to say the least.But we do what we can, and go on and enjoy life as best we can. I am enjoying the fact that I can catch up on my reading now. While raising the 5 kids there wasn't to much time left for reading. And like you, when you find a few favorite authors and enjoy their books, it sure beats watching the lousy TV that is offered to us now.

Enjoy your day today.

The Bug said...

There was a comic strip I read the other day where the wife said, "our identity has been stolen, but it's ok, because they're spending less than we did anyway." That's kind of where I am with the whole thing - I dare anyone to actually get anything of value from MY identity! Ha!

Rudee said...

I love Ken Follet's writing, however I couldn't get into World Without End. Perhaps I had too much going on then and should try again.

Privacy is a real issue in medicine and I think we should all be a bit cautious with what's out there. I can recall a time when a colleague would become ill and hospitalized, and coworkers would look up their lab and medical results. Now that's frightening and a bit appalling.

Sandy said...

Glad to hear it is healing on its' own. I had elbow pain for months and it finally disappeared.

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