Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Washer and Dryer

My new Whirlpool Cabrio!  My washer broke on Thursday just as it started to drain.  It stopped draining and started making a very loud noise.  At first I called to have it repaired on Friday, but after thinking about it decided to just buy a new one.  The old one was 7 years old and had enough wear and tear on it to have been a 10-15 years old one.  It had the agitator in it and when we washed the towels and aprons after Fish Fries at church, the strings from the aprons and the old rags would wind themselves around the agitator and drive me crazy.  After awhile  I just refused to wash the aprons with strings.  Other clothes with thin straps would also get all tangled it wasn't just the fish fry stuff.  I am never real thrilled about having to buy something we have to make payments on...but as much as we use the washer and dryer...I can't say I am sorry to have bought both this time.  The dryer was still working....but would not dry all.  Hopefully we will save on electricity with the new one because I would have to dry things twice.  Thursday I had to try and wring out the wet clothes that were still in the washer and take them to the laundromat.  I have not been to the laundromat for almost 35 years.  Did you know it cost $4.25 to wash one large load???  I didn't use the dryers so I don't know how much that would have cost.  I sat there wondering why so many people still use the laundromat.  Payments for washers and dryers have to be less than what you spend there.  One lady had 7 washers going.  That was close to $30....and who knows what the dryers would have been.  I know you could make payments on that.  I am guessing that they live somewhere where you can't have a washer or dryer.   If I think back far enough I will remember that all too well.  I lived in lots of apartments before I got married that did not have washers and dryers.  I think it cost 25 cents back then to do a load of clothes.
Today, after they installed them, Katy told me that I could reverse the dryer door, so that it would be easier to get to.  That ended up taking me all day.  It was not an easy thing to do...for me..anyway.  I was really frustrated and tired, but finally we got it working.  Oh that they are here and finally set up...I am so happy to have them.  I just wanted to do a post to remember when I bought them.

By the way...if you are confused by this new on the classic view.  I have been trying to figure out how to make it stay on there....but haven't figured it out yet.


Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, nice! I got a new washer 2 months ago. A Kenmore HE. Of course, it doesn't have the thing in the middle either, like yours, and uses a lot less water. Do have to buy HE detergent, but I like it. Paid cash for it! I never buy anything on payments! My dryer still works great.

Beautiful Sunday. Just got home from church and lunch, a bit ago. Have a great week.

PS. Finally figured out your new template or whatever you call it. :-)

The Bug said...

Ooh - I'm jealous of your new set! We bought a washer & dryer in around 1992 or so - when we finally moved to a place where we could have them. And we used both of them until we moved to our current house - and both of them wouldn't fit in the space allotted to them. What a pain! So we kept the washer & got a compact dryer - which takes forever to dry. We still have our old dryer too - it still works!

Sandy said...

I would love a brand new set. We gave our old one to one of our sons because when we moved into this rental there was a washer and dryer here...not a very modern one but so far it works fine.

Rudee said...

Yay! Shiny new toys. Don't you wish they sorted, washed, dried, folded and put the clothes away, too? I'd pay anything for that!

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