Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have some free time today, and time to blog....and I don't have all that much to say.  Bummer.  Well, baseball is pretty hot here in St. Louis tonight so I thought I would put in my 2 cents worth.   I went to the dentist today and of course he asked if I was excited about the game and I told him I was.  I told him I was very pleased this year because the teams seem to get along.  The Rangers don't seem to be anything like the Brewers, with their mouthy attitude about the Cardinals.  Maybe not all of the Brewers...just the ones that made the headlines. far the games seem to be pleasant to watch... exciting....yet not as much ANGER stirring around as some games have been.  It is not only the players that get angry, it is the managers, the umpires, the fans in the stadium and then all of us folks at home....screaming at the TV screen.  Then it even goes further and spills into friendships.  I find myself being a little defensive about my home teams.....and I am not by a long shot...A Sports Fan.  I really only know as much as I do because my husband is a big baseball and hockey fan along with our son.  So I have listened to countless conversations between them and have watched a lot of games over the past 34 years.   I was just searching around on the internet for baseball fights and ran across a few blogs that are just about baseball.  One blog I was reading said that he lost a life long friendship because they did not like the same team.  I suppose we can now add sports to the list of things to NOT talk at the dinner table.  It seems we can only safely talk about religion, politics, and sports if we are all on the same team.  Debates.. rarely win you over to the other side...if you really don't want to go there.

I hope I have not jinked myself with this post.  
Watch tonight's game have the worse fight ever.......geez.


The Bug said...

I think it's GREAT fun to argue about sports! Especially because it's essentially a game (unlike politics - which is a game but shouldn't be). I love to rag on people about their teams. And as a Reds fan you know I have no love lost for the Cardinals :) But I don't care if YOU like them - that's what makes it fun!

Enjoy the game tonight!

Brenda said...

Thanks Dana! I guess it would be fun to argue sports if it doesn't go too far. It seems that most of the time it can. (Go too far...I mean) I guess it just depends on the people.

Renie Burghardt said...

I'm not a big sports fan either, Brenda, but son Greg is here today, until tomorrow, and he is a big sports fan, so guess we'll be watching the game tonight whether I want to or not. LOL. Here is to a win for the Cardinals, tonight! ;-)

Rudee said...

I know people who pout like babies when their teams lose. Silly to get so upset over a GAME, don't you think? The thing is, pro sports is all about the MONEY, and of course, the STEROIDS. I don't think those two things necessarily mix well in an athlete. You just end up with a greedy bunch of he-men with roid rage. Still, that won't stop me from watching a good game. Even though there is no love lost for the Cards, I still rooted for them because, well, the Rangers ruined the dream.

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