Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fun With Maddie and Kayla

Today Katy had to do some continuing education training all day
so Bob and I had the kiddos.
Kayla had a long nap after lunch so we did some 
coloring and hidden pictures 
and these magnetic shaped patterns with Maddie.

I wanted to take some pictures for her scrap book,
and she wanted to take some pictures of us.


 She gave us instructions on how to pose.  
A few of them actually turned out ok.

Good thing she can't read yet.  
Because she is getting a child's camera for Christmas. 


The Bug said...

Aw - those are great pictures! She'll be glad to have them - AND the camera!

Rudee said...

With talent like that, you may want to skip the kiddie camera and go a step up! She's got the eye and her models look wonderful. She took some very romantic and sweet pictures.

Patty said...

She's going to be quite a photographer one of these days. She's doing a good job now.

Gigi Ann said...

Oh, I love her photography work. And she has an eye for posing her subjects, I love those pictures of you two. She did a great job.

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