Friday, November 4, 2011

Grandparents Cards

While cleaning up a little bit... I stumbled upon these cards that I have used a few times for something to talk about.  I like to think that maybe this blog will be something our grand kids may be interested in reading someday.  Maybe...Maybe not.  We'll see.  A lot of these questions I think I will never really answer...but this one caught my eye today.

What do kids know more about than adults?

I think that kids know a lot more about innocence than adults do.  Bob and I notice this so much more from our grand children than from our own children.  Children who are three and half and one and a half just don't understand that walking around naked is not something people do.  They think there is nothing wrong with it at all.  People would poke their eyes out if they saw us running around naked.  Or that following you in the bathroom is any different than us helping them in the bathroom.  We keep telling them...we don't need any help.  (Except maybe from Mylanta or Ex-lax occasionally.) We have been going potty for 58 years all by ourselves.  I can't really remember the last time I felt innocent.  It may have been when I was around 4 or 5 and just playing outside...looking at the clouds while laying on the grass.  There is so much more to learn when you are so young.  They ask questions daily.  Even little Kayla is now asking "Why"  It is tough sometimes to come up with just the right answers for them. .  I told Maddie the other day I had to go pay the bills.  She wanted to know what bills were.  Isn't that great!  To be so young that you have no idea what paying bills is all about.  I started by telling her Bills were what we owe the electric company for our electricity. " What's electricity?" she says.  It is what we use to turn the lights on and the washing machine and the stove...etc.  "Why do you have to pay for it?" get the picture.  About two days later after attempting to answer all of the questions...I paid the bills.  Just kidding.
Occasionally I have a southern accent that sneaks in my language.  My Mom and Dad were from Southeast Missouri and had a certain twang or style or whatever you call it.  I was sitting outside one evening and came back inside and told everyone there was a mosqita on my arm.  Maddie said..."Is that how you say mosquito in Spanish?"  Bob that's how you say it in Dexter.
They also have a wonderful imagination that knows no boundaries.   If only we could bottle... just those two qualities in childhood     The only time I use my imagination is when I read books.  I think that is why I love to read so much.


The Bug said...

I don't remember a time when I was innocent either. I do remember running outside without any clothes on at all, but I knew what I was doing (defying my mother because I didn't want to wait for her to get my bathing suit out of the dryer).

Rudee said...

I don't know, you seem pretty imaginative to me. Maybe Maddie is rubbing off.

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