Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just when I think I have seen everything....

Yesterday the internet and the news was talking about a mom who had gone to the bathroom and came out to find her 2 young boys had emptied a 5 pound bag of flour all over the house.  I told my daughter I thought she had just done it on purpose to try and attract attention to herself.  My daughter said..."Mom...why would anyone do that to their home".  Well...if you have ever seen Funniest Home Videos (which are not funny to me at all) I say people will film just about anything to get attention.  I still don't know if the flour incident was real or what....but today while taking care of the grand kids I found this ritz (whole) cracker in the connect four thing.  I had to take a photo, because I don't think you could do that again if you tried.  Maddie said Kayla did it.  Kayla is 18 months.  I turned the thing over and a whole cracker came out.  I thought there was only room for the little coins to go in there...but apparently I was wrong.
These two never cease to amaze me.  Maddie was rubbing her eyes today and I asked her if she was okay.  She said..." is just my eyetacts bothering me."  They help me see better, but they bother me sometimes.


Renie Burghardt said...

Haha! Yes, kids can do amazing things!

Happy Thanksgiving, Brenda!



Reader Wil said...

Children never stop to amaze you! When my three-year-old Australian grandson was staying with me, he put a sandwich in my videorecorder. He saw that I was more or less annoyed about it, so he decided to reassure me saying:"Don't worry oma, my mum can always fix it!" Well that set my mind at ease, for my daughter is a car mechanic! I doubted if she had ever dealt with removing a sandwich from a car engine! ;)

Gigi Ann said...

Oh, Brenda, I do believe the kids threw the flour all over the house, Why? Well let me tell you. ; )

When my oldest son was around three years old, I had to step out of the house for a few minutes. When I came back in, he had climbed up on the cupboard, and emptied the flour and sugar canisters, taking a measuring cup and throwing cups full all over the kitchen. Needless to say, I didn't think it was very cute, no pictures, he was send to his bedroom until I got the mess cleaned up.

Your little grandchildren are keeping you young and busy. They are so cute, and can do the cutest things. Love hearing your stories about them.

Rudee said...

Ah, yes, that flour family lives about 18 miles from me. I do like your ritz cracker evidence.

Now, my story? I came home from school one day and found that Heidi and Dagmar, our two dachshunds, had busted into a 5 pound bag of flour. It was all over the house. I stepped in the door and as I tried to back out, there was my father right behind me. He made me clean it all up all by myself--like I did it or something. Decades later, as we sat around the dinner table reminiscing, my baby brat brother admitted he'd been home 30 minutes before me, saw the mess and took off to a friend's house to wait out the deep clean. I couldn't believe it! Now if I'd had the love of forensics that I do now, I would have known because I'd have noticed his footprints in the mess.

If two dogs with brains the size of walnuts could make a mess every bit as astounding as what I saw in that woman's video, then I believe her much smarter children could have done the same.

Sandy said...

i saw that story too and know my boys did stuff like that.

funny about the ritz cracker.ha!

hope your holiday was great.

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