Sunday, November 6, 2011


Katy and I had a craving for a nice breakfast yesterday and never made it out in time.  So this morning we were determined to go.   We were all starving and on Sunday morning it is crowded.  We had no wait as far as getting seated went...but getting our food seemed to take forever.  The kids started out being really nice and just sitting there coloring.  The longer it took...Kayla started eating the crayons and we had to take them away and then of course crying was the result.  Trying to entertain her with songs and other activities only lasted a minute or so.   Maddie became restless and started crawling under the table looking for food.  (We think)  Mom did come prepared with snacks to hold them over...but they were gone pretty quickly.  After we convinced Maddie that the floor was pretty creepy she started playing the drums with the straws.  (Notice the happy couple sitting next to us.)

Then Kayla started taking her shirt off.

Why....why can't I take my shirt off.... there's nothing else to do here. ?!

By the time we got the food...they weren't all that hungry and kept wanting to put salt and pepper on their french toast.   I told Katy on the way I remember why I always cooked every meal at home.


Rudee said...

I remember those days. I highly recommend you get the fellows to watch the girls then you and your daughter go to some fancy shmancy brunch! You can bring the girls a to-go dish.

The Bug said...

Yep - I remember going out to eat when my nephews were small. NOT relaxing at all!

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