Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

 Here is our tree this year.  I bought a 4 foot artificial tree for Maddie and Kayla to decorate.  We made some snowflakes, and paper chains and they enjoyed taking the ornaments off and on with no fear of Grandma telling them.. to not touch the breakable ornaments.  The gifts and our celebration with them will have to wait until Tuesday night when they come home from Cleveland.

I did buy one breakable ornament.
A ballet dancer.
This was Maddie's favorite ornament.  
I bought it for her because she started taking dance lessons this year. 
I let her take it down from the top to look at it and it did get broken.
She cried and cried, but I used super glue and you can't even tell it was broken.

A couple of weeks ago....I bought a Frank Lloyd Wright puzzle at Barnes and Noble.  It is a Peacock Rug that was designed by Wright for the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo that he designed.   Here is the only thing I could find out about it on the internet.
This geometrically abstract peacock image was created by Frank Lloyd Wright as a carpet for the banquet hall of Tokyo's Imperial Hotel, which Wright was commissioned to redesign in 1919. (Wright's version of the hotel was demolished in 1968.) Alas, the hall's carpets never arrived from the manufacturer. Fortunately, Wright's design survived and is beautifully reproduced on this difficult, 1,000-piece puzzle. Measuring 25"x25" when complete, this cool jigsaw puzzle makes a great gift for artistically minded puzzlers who aren't afraid of a challenge! 

Okay....I bought this for myself...all the while knowing that my husband can't pass by in a room where a zigsaw puzzle is in the works......without trying to find a "few pieces" that fit.  He started off pretty good the first 2 days.  I struggled with the border off and on for 2 days.  Finally I caved...and welcomed him to join me.  He managed to assemble it in less than 8 hours.  The man is a puzzle genius!

We both admire Wrights work.... even though the man had some issues in his personal life.  His work is amazing!  I hope to get to go to Chicago with Bob in the near future to see the homes he did in Oak Park.  I would probably rather see some of his buildings... or even Falling Water...but Chicago is closer.

I tried to encourage Bob to sit down and play the piano for me.  
He put some effort in it...just for me..  
He used to play really well.  Maybe when he retires he will have more time for it. 

Tomorrow our son will spend the day with us.  We plan on watching some baseball highlights from our World Series win.  An annual tradition  for both of them is to look through the most current Topps baseball card factory set.  I have no idea how Santa Claus got on that box.


Rudee said...

Merry Christmas, Brenda. I love the ballerina and that puzzle is beautiful!

The Bug said...

Oh I LOVE working jigsaw puzzles! But we don't really have room in our house for one right now. I should work on that - maybe in February. What else is there to do in February?

LOL at Santa - I'll be I know how he got there :)

Sandy said...

Wow, what a puzzle. I could never finish something like that. I think I have ADD and I would lose my attention span after about five look alike pieces. The tree is a great idea.

I gave my piano away. I play by ear but I tried to take lessons and couldn't figure out how to read notes. I decided to give the piano to my oldest granddaughter - Holly and her brother.

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Clifford   1994 to 2009
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