Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit!

Bob and I went down to Main St. yesterday and had coffee at one of our favorite coffee houses.  Then we strolled down Main Street to take in the festivities of Christmas.  It is a magical place during the Christmas season.  They have characters dressed up that speak with accents and carry on conversations with all the people strolling around.  There are several Santas from around the world.  I didn't hear where this one was from.

It is hard to get a decent photo....or one that doesn't have another person in it.    This young lady is very pretty and makes a beautiful angel.  This photo is actually not very flattering of her.  She is a lot prettier than this.

The carolers are really great!

Someday we may take a ride in this carriage....but then we would be in everyone's photos. 
Never mind....

I think this was Mother Goose....but I have no idea how she is connected with Christmas????
She was telling this young lady that she loves rhymes....and was reciting Mother Goose type things.

I think this Santa said he was from England.

I am not sure who these two are.  I think beggars?

Thought this was cute.

And today I worked on my wreaths.  I made two of these.  I may add a little more to it.  I wanted advent colors.  The forecast tonight and tomorrow is for.... snow.  I think I am ready.


Rudee said...

I love the wreaths! The skates are so cute in the one You are in the spirit! I think the two you say you don't know, you really do. That's Tiny Tim and dad, Bob Cratchit.

The Bug said...

Rudee beat me to it - I guessed Tiny Tim too :)

This looks like a LOT of fun! I wish there was something similar where I live. Of course we probably still wouldn't go - ha!

P.S. - I answered you on my blog, but yes, those are dulcimers behind the tree. I'll probably post a recording of Mike playing one of them this week.

Sandy said...

Great photos. I really liked seeing them. Love the horse and carriage.

Renie Burghardt said...

Great pictures, Brenda! What a fun outing. At this time of the year, I sometimes wish I lived closer to a large city. We have a little park in the middle of town (population less than 2,000) and it is decorated, but that's it.

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