Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Few Photos for Sandy are a few photos for you... of the kittens.  They aren't that good because I can only take them from inside the house through the glass.  If I open the door to go out there...they take off and hide under the porch.  They will come up to the glass, but photos are still hard to get.  Feel free to use any if you can for your blog.

Other than taking photos of the kittens, I have still been watching some Netflix when I get a chance.  Last night I watched National Geographic Amazing Planet.  Wow!  I know I probably was taught a lot of this in school, but I was glued to this show.  I was also a little scared...just seeing how the elements in our earth can cause such beauty and then such tragedies.  If I had seen movies like this in high school or grade school....maybe I wouldn't have been giggling with my girlfriends or passing notes and doing whatever I was doing...instead of paying close attention to my teachers.  I know that the history that we were taught is nothing like what I have learned about as an adult.  Maybe learning is just more fun when you are old.
More snow tomorrow......

Friday, January 21, 2011

Some Knitting Projects

 I finally finished the blanket that I was knitting for Kayla....but it turns out.. that it is now Maddie's.  She watched me working on it, and I told her it was for Kayla, but she kept telling me how much she liked it and I caved and gave it to her.  Now I will start one for Kayla and maybe get it done by the time she is old enough to know it is hers.  I was not happy with the way the corners came together but...I don't know how I could have done it any different.  I am still learning and making lots of mistakes along the way.

Like this one.  When I saw this pattern in the book, I really loved it, because it was blocked like a quilt.  The stitches are really small and tight and it seemed it took me forever to do.  When it was finally time to join the blocks, I just did not like the way it looked at all.  I am still holding this one back for further work in the future....if I can figure out what to do with it.  These two projects have made me want to NOT do anymore knitting that has to be joined together.  I did complete one sock and used the  Kitchener stitch, which is an invisible stitch to join parts together.  It worked fine for the sock.. but not for these bigger items.  It is so disappointing for me to do work that is not perfect.  But....while working on these knitted projects I have enjoyed watching a lot of Netflix movies and documentaries.  We bought 2 new TV's for Christmas that have internet connectivity and I love the instant streaming of movies and documentaries through Netflix.  My first pick was the 8 part series of "The Pillars of the Earth" and I thought it was really good.  I am currently reading the book on my iPhone reader.  I bought the book years ago, but a 900 plus page book is hard to read in bed, so I had only read about half of it when I bought it.  I love reading books on my electronic reader.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What a Difference A Day Made.....24 little hours snow and kittens playing on the grass.

Today...12 inches of snow and 16 degrees.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Never Judge a Book By It's Cover.....nor a little white kitten by its gentle nature

 I still put out food for these two little kittens, because I  have not found a home for them.  Some days I worry about them and hope they are okay.  I called the Humane Society and every other place I could think of and they all told me the same thing.  No room at the Inn.  Occasionally I ask people I talk to if they can take them or if they know anyone  that may want them.  No takers yet.  In the mean time.... when they show up they usually entertain me.  Today the sun was out for just an hour, I think and they frolicked around the back playing.  The white kitten has always looked very weak to me and doesn't seem to eat as much as the black one, and I have always worried that she just won't make it out there in the big bad world if she doesn't defend herself and stop letting the little black one always have the food.  Maddie and I have named them Salt and Pepper.  Pepper is wild and playful...and jumps on the pine trees and climbs up them.  He (or she) is the daredevil that goes out on the ice in our pool.  Salt seems low key..only eating after Pepper or anyone else is done.  I say everyone, because we have 5 adults cats coming around trying to get their share of the food.  One large  cat comes around that we have named Tiger Barn Cat.  He looks like a tiger and what I think a "Barn Cat" looks like.  The name seems to fit.  All of the cats are fascinating to watch.  At times they seem to talk to each other with their eyes.
  Today I noticed Salt and Pepper looking a little threatened, and looked over to the side of the yard just in time to see Tiger Barn Cat approaching.  Brave and daring Pepper shot under the porch like a scared little rabbit, while shy and laid back Salt arched her back and defended their food.  Tiger Barn Cat stomped his paw and hissed to them as if that was enough to scare them off.  Salt stood firm in front of the bowls and hissed back, and big old Tiger Barn Cat took off.

Little Pepper came back out of its hiding spot very impressed with Salt.  She ate the rest of the food.

Other than watching the cats....I have not been feeling well off and on, and busy.  Hope to make more time soon to catch up with blogging and visiting blogs.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever