Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kids are Fun...

 I am still going through old photos and thought I would share a few on here.  Here is one of Bobby's friends jumping in our pool on the last day of their 8th grade graduation..., school uniform and all.  Even their shoes..I think.  I let them have some fun.  I think Katy's class built a bon fire and burned their school shoes.  I really liked that they had to wear uniforms and the same shoes.   No competition or peer pressure with the clothes.

Another one I liked.  Playing Battleship together.  We used to play a lot of board games.  Those were the days....when you had to sit down and play a game with someone else...before computers and Nintendos, etc.

Bobby was usually doing something crazy for a photo opt.  Diving over a couch.  He didn't get hurt.

And diving onto bean bags.

If I remember this right....Katy had a friend over and they decided to wrap Bobby up to the chair and then took a photo.  It looks like toilet paper...earmuffs and google eyes.  I think they also toilet papered the dog that night.

Like my new hat Mom??

I love this picture.  Wrapping paper rolls with shoes and socks.  Very creative.

And when Brian joined our family... he tried to throw Bobby over a wall.
  Not is a short ledge.

Oh to be young and carefree again.....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

We are finally having some really nice weather....

 Yesterday I went down to Main Street again because they had an Irish Festival on the Riverfront.  The lot that I parked at had a memorial area that I had never seen before.  It is in a place that is quiet...for those who may want to reflect on what Memorial Day is all about.  I very much appreciate the freedom we have in our country, but I still do not like wars.  I don't even like having arguments or listening to people having arguments.   But I also  know that some wars have been necessary, when mentally ill leaders of countries use their power to destroy other human beings.  It is just too difficult to stand by and allow this sort of treatment to continue.  I certainly am in no position to understand any of the wars we have been plagued with...but I do feel that some were most likely necessary.  And for that I do give thanks to all who have served.

The only thing I saw at the festival was these big dogs and 

the greyhound adoption booth. 

There were plenty of food booths and a band at the stage area.  Several tents for Irish clothing and jewelry...but it has been very disappointing these past 2 years.  I don't know what is going on.  It used to be great.  I will have to speak to the Mayor about it.

Today I went out and bought an inexpensive grill that Bob put together here.  We have done without one for several years.  I just decided we needed one today.  He put it all together just in time to barbeque some pork steaks.  Our son came over and helped us.  He has a recipe he came up with where he rubs the pork with olive oil.  Then he puts seasoned salt and seasoned pepper and garlic and lets it set for awhile.  He puts Sweet Baby Ray's barbeque sauce on while grilling it.  It was very good.  We had corn on the cob and baked beans and salad.  Apple pie and ice cream for dessert.  Then we retired to the family room to watch a movie Bobby brought over called "Hereafter" directed by Clint Eastwood.  At first I had a hard time getting into it, but halfway through, it all starts to tie together and I thought it was a really good movie.  It started to remind me of a lady I used to work with that had this "gift" for sensing spirits.  She was starting to freak me out at times. Once she revealed to me that she had this gift.. I always felt like she knew things about me and others we worked with that were just well....creepy.  I quit working there about 7 years ago, so I can't remember all the details.  She said she didn't like that she had this gift.... but she couldn't help it.  Another lady we worked with had a near death experience when she was in an automobile accident.  The night of the accident, a young woman was trying to kill herself by driving over to the other side of the highway and hit head on to this ladies van.  Her husband and children were in the van and had minor injuries, but this lady somehow ended up underneath the van, with the weight of the van on her.  She said she remembered dying and seeing the lady who killed herself.   The police had come to the hospital to take her statement when she got better, and she told them about seeing a lady there and described the clothes she was wearing and what she looked like.  No one knew how she could have seen her because she was unconscious, and the lady that died had been taken away from the scene before she regained consciousness.  I have read books and heard other stories from people who have had near death experiences.  I think it is really interesting.  I don't have the "gift" of spirits, but I do get these feelings that are very strong about something that is either happening or is about to happen.  Sometimes I am right on with it...but others times not.  So I don't really know what to make of all of these things.
 I have been spending all of my spare time going through old photos that I scanned in the computer, and I am having a hard time organizing them into folders.  Some...I may just share on my blog and at least I will know they are somewhere on the blog.  Like the ones of our kids doing silly things.  Just hope they aren't reading my blog when I decide to do a post about them.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever