Friday, July 8, 2011

Give Me Those Leads!!!

I watched a movie last night called  "Glengarry Glen Ross" made in 1992 that I had ordered from Netflix.  It was packed with some big name movie stars like Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey, Alec Baldwin, Al Pacino, Alan Arkin, Ed Harris and Jonathan Pryce.  I wanted to watch it because I had a job a long time ago where I was the "Lead Person".  This movie brought back so many memories of that awful job.  I was actually hired to be the receptionist.  Answer the phone, greet people, run errands... like get the boss an ice cream down the road when he had a craving...go get lunch, bring in bagels and donuts for Monday morning sales meetings.  The longer I stayed at this company (which wasn't long) the more Mr. Sinclair  the boss... liked me and disliked his personal secretary.  He never did like her because no one could replace the first secretary he had....and he let everyone know it...especially her replacement, LuLu.  This tended to put Lulu in a very foul mood most of the time.  The office had 5 women working in the same room.  All of us had our specific jobs to do to help run the place.  Lulu was really upset when Mr. Sinclair  asked me to take over the "Leads".  I did a fairly decent job except for once....I sent an agent to a very bad neighborhood.  Part of my job was to go sit in a closet and listen to a recording that Mr. Sinclair had recorded that called out to people that were over 50 trying to convince them why they needed his life insurance.  He had a very convincing message (telling them that social security would not cover their expenses, and may not even be available when they retired) along with a strong and trusting voice to go with the message.  He would ask them to leave their name, address and telephone number and someone would come out to help them.  You would not believe how many people actually left their information!  I wrote it all down on 3 x 5 cards and filed them into territories to hand out to the agents.  There were also the Glengarry leads that Mr. Sinclair had to pay a lot of money for.  Where he got this information...I never found out.  But those leads were saved for the top agents...and they even had to pay for them.   This movie was so much like this job I had it was had to believe.  The big difference between my job and the movie was the language.  There was one woman that talked pretty much just like the men in the movie and almost everyone was scared of her.  The boss liked her because she had been there from the start of the company and because she never talked like that around him.  I finally had to leave that job when I realized I was never going to get along with 2 of the women in the office.  The foul mouthed one was a bully and I can't tolerate bullies.  And Lulu made a mistake on my paycheck and wouldn't fix it because she didn't want Mr. Sinclair to know she had messed up.  She said she would buy me something from Office Depot and Mr. Sinclair would never know.  I told her I didn't want anything from Office Depot.  She just kept ignoring me when I asked her if she corrected my check, and I told her I was going to have to tell Mr. Sinclair if she didn't fix it.  I did tell him and she got in trouble and almost fired.  From then on she was going to make all of my days there a living I quit.  I have had a few jobs like this one that were just miserable.  I am so proud of my daughter for getting a degree and working in a respectable field of work.  It must be extremely difficult to work and have young children and never have time for yourself...but she does it.  She is a great Mom and a hard worker.  I am so glad she didn't have to work for weirdo's like I have had to work with and for.  Well...maybe she does but she hasn't told me about any.  Lulu and Mr. Sinclair were not the real names of people I worked with by the way.  The story was all true (even if it was somewhat boring)  I could have spiced it up a bit, but some of it would have been R rated. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mind Weeding

Today's mind weeding is about socializing.  Something I don't do very often or very well.    If it were up to me, I would probably rarely go out and mix and mingle with anyone.  Most of the things I really enjoy doing are easily done all by my lonesome.  Reading.  I used to think going to one of those book discussion groups would be fun.  My problem is that I don't see anyone wanting to discuss the books I like to read.  Quilting.  I have taken classes and go to quilt shows, but I have never joined a Quilt Guild or group.  It would be helpful to be amongst a group of women who know more than I do and could share their knowledge with me.  But....I just haven't advanced towards actually doing that.   Knitting.  I like to knit and watch TV.  I can not just sit and watch TV.  I never could.  I have to be doing something else.  I could use some help on the knitting that is another "should do someday" thing for me.  I think the reason I have been mulling this socializing thing over in my mind is because of all of the internet social networks out there now.   I have just been sitting back and kind of.... observing.  On Facebook for instance, I have so many news posts that come through.  At first I really liked them because I got a short glib of a headline story.  Then I made the mistake of clicking on the comments people would leave about that particular news item.  Arguing... back and forth... back and forth.  So many opinions....all so different.  Then they start insulting each other.  I can see blood pressures rising just reading this stuff.  At least Twitter only allows so many characters per tweet.  No long rants on there.  Blogging is something I really enjoy.  I just don't have as much time for it as I would like to.  I have only collected  a few nice people... over the past 3 years who read my blog... and leave comments on a regular basis.  I am sure if I had more time to spend visiting other blogs I could meet more people and maybe...just maybe..some of them would have some things in common with me. 
I just went in today to get a pedi and mani at a different place that isn't very far from me.  I really liked the place better than any of the others that I have been to, but now I feel like I sort of locked myself into the lady that gave the manicures, and her and I just didn't have all that much in common.  She was very good at what she does, so maybe we don't have to talk much.  Or maybe I should learn how to socialize with others a little better.  Sometimes I just think it is a real pain to try and find people I really like and really enjoy being with.  I have had a few friends through the years that I was excited to get together with....but it just seems as I alone time is just.... comfortable.  If I don't change my attitude soon....I may be sorry someday.  Now I am threatening myself...and talking to myself.  Oh well...that is what mind weeding is all about for me.......

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th 2011

 This morning we went to the parade on Main Street for the 4th.  Bob is in the parade as a Color Corps for the Knights of Columbus.  They usually start off the parade with a group of Veterans and they usually get the most applause.  The photo above is of World War II Vets.  They have to be in their 90's.  I wonder if the lady was a young nurse during the war.  I watched an interesting documentary a few months ago called Top Secret Rosies: Female Computers of World War II.  I dislike wars of any kind...but I still watch historical documentaries and some movies about wars.  The other night I watched  "The Hurt Locker".  I was amazed at how realistic the film was.  And the insanity of the people around the world (suicide bombers, etc.) that roam our earth doing so much destruction.  Most of the time though it seems that the men and women that are serving our country are just babies.  Their lives are just beginning, 18, 19 and early 20's.

 Bob is on the left.

Here is our little Kayla at her first July Fourth Event.  She got a flag and a blue lollypop.

Katy and Brian Maddie and Kayla came down. 
It rained and we got a little wet, but it was nice anyway.

Yesterday we had an awesome supper prepared by my awesome son-in-law for my birthday.  He tried to put 60 candles on the cake and Maddie helped me blow them out.  Bobby was standing near by with the fire extinguisher.  No one was injured except for Brian, who received some singed arm hairs from trying to light the candles.  I am now looking forward to my 64th Birthday so I can hear this song.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever