Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Fun

Sunday we all got together at our house.  Brian's parents were in town, Lou and Eileen.  Bob and Lou grilled some meat outside and Maddie wanted to go out and join them.  Kayla does not like being left out of anything.  She tried to open the door to go out but thank goodness she can't quite do that yet.  Well...neither can Maddie.  Here is Maddie looking at Kayla... telling her she is too little to come out side right now. 

And then giving her a kiss.

Maddie is explaining to her Grandpas that the Momma cat has lots of boobs to feed all of her kittens

She is quite a chatter box and I am sure there were lots of other topics that came up...but I have to get Bob to fill in on that.

This is the Momma that Maddie was talking about.  She looks up at me as if to say "Help!"  Help is coming, hopefully for this Mom.  I am trying to get her in to get spayed in a couple of weeks.  And possible find homes for the kitties if there is room at the shelter.  I have really enjoyed watching the little kitties play, etc.  and I have taken lots of photos of them.  So sad that there aren't enough homes for all of these strays.  Most of the strays around here seem to do okay.  This mom though just looks like she has had enough.  I hope I can get her to go in the cage so the volunteer vets can fix her.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Howdy Neighbor!

Dear God,
Please help me to be a good and decent Christian...one that you can smile down upon and feel proud of.  I beg for your assistance at this time, Dear Lord, because  my thoughts and feelings are not in sync with what I know they should be.  You see....we have this neighbor who moved in a couple of years ago, that I just can't seem to get along with.  She complains about everything, and somehow even after... just a few short conversations with her.... here and there...she has managed to suck all the goodness out of me and turn me into a mean spirited witch.  When I first met her she complained about all of MY rabbits in the back yard.  I don't own rabbits.  Then she went on to complain about all of the water in her yard that won't drain, and her first attempt at fixing her problem was to point a large drainage pipe aimed right at our yard.  We quietly accepted the rudeness of it all, and said nothing to her.  Then she went on and on about how we had the mess in the back by the city sewer drain and told us repeatedly that we needed to fill it in or do something about it.  The reason our yard looked the way it did... was because of all the water flowing from her yard and her neighbor's yard....drowning our yard.  Finally we decided to work with them both and install a $6,000 french drain system so that they could get their yards to flow into ours and everyone would be happy.  Right???  Wrong!!!  She did nothing but complain about how the tractors tore up HER yard bringing in our rock and drains.  All she wanted was a little hand dug  area for her pipes.  Again....everything is all our fault...somehow...in her selfish mind.  She is now watering our yard because we don't seem to care enough to do it.  She just asked me to water her yard next week.  I told her if I were home and was able to I would be happy to....but I couldn't guarantee that I would.  I asked her to please just not concern herself with our yard.  We will handle it when we want to and have the time.  As you can see Jesus, Mary and Joseph and all the of the saints in heaven....I need your assistance here.  I am trying very hard not to sock her a good one.  Perhaps I need to wear a straight jacket when I talk to her.

Thank your Lord...for your many blessings.  I know you are not finished "fine tuning" me yet.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever