Saturday, October 1, 2011

Iowa Quilt Show

The Quilt Show was really nice.  They had some quilts that were really well done.  
My favorites are always the hand quilted ones.  
The machine quilted ones are hard to do also...but I just prefer hand quilted ones myself. 

 Most of my pictures did not turn out very well. 
I think there may have been too much over head lighting for my camera.  
Sometimes I can fix them when I get home...but couldn't with these.

We just got home a couple of hours ago, and I have not found my show book yet.  
When I do...I will try to come here and say something about each of these quilts.

I had forgotten how much I miss sewing and quilting until I went to the show and saw all of the creativity that goes into these cut up pieces of fabric.

My favorites are also the applique the photo below.  
So much patience has to go into those.

This one had so much stippling in it AND applique....
I can't even imagine how long this must have taken.

Tomorrow I hope to find some time to do a post about the Capital Building we toured.
It was really beautiful!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alpacas are Not Nice....

Bob had a vacation day today so we took the kids to the Zoo.  We went to the Children's Zoo first and I got a little too close to this Alpaca and it spat at me and scared the crap out of me.  I screamed and the kids got upset.  I have heard that camels will spit at you...but I have never had it happen to me before.  I think I may have frightened it because I need a haircut and have a bushy headed look right now.  Maybe I looked like a scary beast.  The spittle of whatever he hailed at me was really smelly. 

 Next time maybe I will sport a hairdo like this spiky haired penguin.  It may think I am a porcupine.


This big black bear looks like it is laughing at me.  Ha ha....the Alpaca got you didn't it??!?  Hehehhe

Maybe Maddie can befriend this Ape and scare it for me.

 If not....maybe this Amur Tiger will take care of it.


While we were at the area where they have little houses and rakes and wheel barrels...
Maddie started shouting...

Harvesting some food for the next chicken storm.


Don't worry Grandma....these don't look like they spit.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Life is Good

Nothing much going on lately to write about.  I went to a Mosaic Festival last weekend and then yesterday I went to an Oktoberfest with Katy and the kids.  Neither event was worth talking about really.  The kids had a lot of fun painting pumpkins and doing other activities with Mom and friends.  I walked around and found a booth that had Apple Funnel Cakes.  It was really good the first few bites and half way through I started to get sick.  Too much and too rich...but very tasty.  Thursday we are going to Des Moines for a Quilt Show.  I am really looking forward to it because I missed the spring show in Paducah.    I bought a book about creative writing and hope to read some of it on our trip.  I thought about taking a class or some classes at the Community College...but never got around to looking into it.  Maybe I can pick up some tips from this book and try to actually write something...a novel...poem...something.  This blog has become very b o r i n g.........zzzzzzzzz....

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever