Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vacation Week

  Today we went down on Main St and wanted to eat at Lewis and Clark's for some of their famous White Chili...but there was a two hour wait.  So we went over to Friday's not far from us.  Bob took a couple of photos while we were in there.  Kayla and Maddie are getting along so well lately.  They can really play together now that Kayla has gotten older.  Today we had a dance show, and a music show....and each of us took turns being the "teacher".   The "teacher" reads a book to the other students.  They are both getting a lot better at coloring, and Santa will be giving them lots of coloring books. 

Me getting to kiss  my Kayla girl.  Maddie was hugging me a lot today also   They left today to go spend Christmas with Brian's family.  I miss them already.  We will have our gathering a little late this year...when they get back.  I am glad they have Brian's family because he has a very big family.  It is too bad they live so far away though because the kids only get to see them a couple of times a year.  Most of his family lives in Cleveland, and his brother in Detroit.  We had about 300 people attend their wedding 7 years ago and probably well over half of them were his family.  Bob's side of the family is pretty large when they all get together.  My side is not big at all  I just have a couple of cousins I still stay in contact with.  My brothers are still living but we aren't all that close...and they all have a lot of health problems.  Bob is taking off of work this week.  We have some things we need to get done around the house...but I hope we will be able to get out and have a little fun also. 

Here is the latest crew of our cats.  Waterpool (on the left) has official tags.  I took her in to the vet at the Humane Society and  got all her shots.  The day after Christmas she goes in to get spayed.  So she is OURS.  Even though she will be an outside cat.  Smokey, next to her is her brother and has just recently been letting me pet him a little.  He will probably be next to get fixed.  The cat next to him is Pink Foot.  He will not let me get very close to him.  A new arrival is the little kitten Maddie calls Figaro.  It looks like these four are ours for now.  Sterile Feral only does spay and neuter once a month, so one by one I will get them all in somehow.  I have trapped about 5 cats and kittens in the past 2 months and taken them to the shelter where they tell me they will not put them to sleep.  Waterpool is a really affectionate little cat.  She LOVES to be petted and she has really soft silky fur.  This is an insulated dog house they are in.  I hope it keeps them warm for our winter.  If not I am sure they will find a place to survive.  I love watching them from the window while they climb all of our big trees in the back yard and wrestle with each other.  If they were in our house.....I cannot even imagine where all they would try to climb.  We have several pine trees in the back and they love to sleep under those.  I don't blame them.  I love the smell of fresh pine.  Maybe next year we should buy a real Christmas tree just for the smell!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Litigators...spoiler alert.

If you plan on reading this book don't read my review.  It is loaded with spoilers.
I finished this book about a week ago, and it was pretty good.  I think I have read all but one or two of his books.  This book kind of stayed with me a little while after reading it because the final law of the lawyers goes after... is a toy company that had lead levels so high on some of their toys (made in china) that they caused severe brain damage and early death in the children.  I found myself looking at all the toys while shopping this year for the grand kids and putting back all the ones made in china.  Both of them still put things in their mouth occasionally and it just scares me to think that a toy could ruin so many lives.  The first part of the book is about the lawyers going after a drug company that released a drug for high cholesterol that could be causing deaths but will hard to prove because the people that take it are overweight and not in the best of health anyway.  The drug company had bigger and better lawyers than the three lawyers going after they don't win that one..but fortunately they do get compensation for the lead poisoning case.  Too little too late though.  The young boy died not long after the settlement.  I have a feeling this book will become a movie.  I am now reading Zero Day by David Baldacci.  It is pretty good.  Some time before New Years Day...I am going to add up all of the books I have read this year.  Almost all  of my books are now read on my we are accumulating fewer books.  I still buy magazines and we visit Barnes and Noble almost every weekend.  We buy religious books in paperback or hardback occasionally.  I would be really sad if all the book stores closed up because we all read only e-books so we are doing as much as possible to support them.  And... of course we buy lots of books for the grand kids!

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
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