Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Snow Day

It is almost the middle of January and this is our first day for bad roads.  We were forecast to have 1-3 inches, and when we awoke it looked like about one inch to me.  I think the problem was the frigid temperatures of 19 degrees that caused the problems.  Icy roads and lots and lots of accidents.  Oddly enough...the kids school did not close but just about every other school was closed.   We were supposed to have a handyman service come by and look at some siding that blew off, but that got cancelled.  We paid a thousand dollars 3 years ago for someone to come and fix the same thing.  They replaced the rotten wood and everything....telling us that the builders did not install it all correctly...but they would.  Three years later...we have the same problem.  It seems as if very little is going our way lately as far as the home maintenance goes.  About two or three years ago we had our shower replaced because we had a leak coming down into the ceiling in the living room.  The ceiling is wet again.  My vote...when and if we sell this to just rent something and let someone else shell out the money for these problems.  Or maybe just travel light and see the world.  Just dreaming....I am awake now.

I recently knitted this twirly scarf.  I got the pattern.. free.. off of the internet.  It was really really easy to do.  I think it should have been a little wider...but if I make another one I will just add some more rows. 
We now have new carpet and no mold in our that is good news.  Katy and Brian and the girls will live down there and Bob will relocate his office to the bedroom upstairs...and I will get my sewing room back in the other bedroom.  I have a quilt that is calling my name to finish.  AND....I booked a room for the Paducah Quilt Show this year in April.  I am so excited to get to go because I missed the last two years.  I am looking forward to a trip to Chicago with Bob when the weather gets better to tour some of Frank Lloyd Wright homes.  A little of my grouchiness is starting to leave.
One thing more to add.....I have been having a lot of knee pain for some time now.  The pain is in the back of the knee.  A few years ago I went in to see if I had arthritis... and he took x-rays and said that I don't have arthritis. Which is really good for a 60 year old broad.  His recommendation was to have some physical therapy... which I never followed through on.  In the past few months I have a lot of tightness and swelling and pain.  I looked on the internet for... symptoms of pain behind the knee.  Bakers cyst... is what came up.  One site I looked at said that.... sometimes the Doctor can throw a heavy book at the cyst and try to bust it... instead of having surgery.  I wish so much that I had bookmarked that site now...because that was the funniest thing I think I have ever heard of for a treatment.  Today I have tried to find it and can' I am wondering if I just dreamed it.  I can just picture a Dr.  having a heavy book and whacking the back of my leg and saying..."Okay mam that will be $300.  Pay up front please."


Rudee said...

1. Love the scarf. Love, love, love it.
2. I empathize on the home repairs. Completely.
3. Snow? I'll believe it when I see it.
4. Quilting again? Show me. I simply must see one of your works of art for myself!
5. Baker's Cyst. Yowza sistah! That hurts...but apparently not as much as the cure.

Take care!

The Bug said...

I've heard of that cure - & that it's NOT TRUE. At least I hope it's not true! Man!

LOVE the scarf - so pretty & twirly for your snowy days.

Wow I'd love to meet you in Peducah - but it's just a bit of a drive for me. I spent a nice afternoon there once, when we were visiting the Land Between the Lakes.

Sandy said...

Oh, I know how you feel about home repairs - I am SO GLAD we don't deal with that anymore. I never want to be a homeowner again.

Love the scarf - you did such a good job. Glad your bad mood is alleviated somewhat.

Hope you figure out what's up with the knee - I know I've heard that you can do the same thing with a ganglion cyst.

Renie Burghardt said...

We had a dusting of snow this morning, but it's been frigid. The nasty wind is giving us a wind-chill of 9! Mighty cold after the 60 degree weather since Christmas. But will warm up again by the weekend, forecast says. I hope so. Can't take this cold weather anymore at my age!

Love the scarf. An old friend in Ohio knitted me 2 new beautiful scarves, a pink one and a turquise one, for my birthday. I love them.

I had fatty tumor removed from the back of my neck in December. I am so glad it's gone, before it got as big as my head. I was in sugrgery at 8 AM and was going home by 11 AM.

Keep warm, Brenda!

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