Monday, January 30, 2012

Health Insurance

I have been one of the lucky ones to have had decent insurance for the past 35 years.  Something has changed in the past couple of  years and it is making me want to find out why.  I have been covered under my husband's employer for most of our marriage, but he has had to pay for my coverage for the past several years.  I think for most of the years it was pretty reasonable....under $300 a month.  This past year, they were going to charge around $800 a month for my coverage.  I decided to search around for a cheaper plan.  I found one, Aetna, that charges $358 a month.  They have a very impressive web site that is really good at trying to simplify the process. I was a little afraid to apply, because of my age...not so much my health issues.  I did not get the plan I wanted though...which was a lower deductible ($2500).  They would only give me the $5000 deductible policy.  Their reason for this...was not my age...surprising to me.  It was because I am not the correct weight for my height, reflux disease(Prilosec), hernia, sleep disorder (low dose medication), High Blood pressure (requires no medication), Mental or Nervous Disorder (anti-depressant).  I go to my regular Dr. once a year for an annual checkup.  I did have the Barrett's esophagas diagnosed about 6 years ago with a follow up endoscopy that found no further damage since the last diagnosis.   He blew up my stomach while doing the procedure because he suspected an ulcer or something in my stomach. His diagnosis was acute gastritis and a hiatus hernia.  The only treatment for the gastritis was for him to double and maybe triple the dose of prilosec.  If that didn't help...he said surgery.  What kind...I don't know.  I didn't ask.  I don't like him and wasn't going back to him anyway.  The sleep disorder was because I was taking a low dosage of Xanax for a good nights sleep.  And I have been taking an antidepressant for anxiety.  The high blood pressure is just at a level that goes up and down and does not require medication.  All in all....I think my health is not bad for a 60 year old. 
So...I started using the new insurance this past week.  I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prilosec that the Dr. gave me a refill for 90 days.  The pharmacist clerk said it was $360 and the antidepressant was going to be $250.  That is over $500 for meds to last 3 months.  The insurance refused to pay for it because it was for twice a day.   I refused to buy it.   First of all...what in the devil is in this medicine to cause it to be so damn expensive.  I can get prilosec at the store for $156 for three months...but the pharmacy wants to charge $350 for it?  Also...I am reconsidering if it even pays to have insurance at all.  I found out today that my insurance does not cover specialist at all...until you have met your $5000  deductible.  If we pay $358 a month...that totals to  $4296 a the $5000 deductible.  If I had a paying job...that would take up most of what my pay would be.  Does that make sense??  Not to me.  Something is very wrong with the insurance companies.  I think they are totally ripping people off....and have been for a very long time.  And I am mad as hell and don't want to take it anymore!  The stupid nonsense legal crap that our government has gotten by with for so long needs to come to a halt also.  The bills that get passed are so long and complicated with legal mumbo jumbo....I just don't understand how they get away with all this.  So....I have decided to run for President.  I promise to rewrite most of the laws so that they are in a very simple Granny style language.  I don't want any body guards...and I don't want to live in the White House.  The White House can just be for touring purposes.  I refuse to hob nob with other countries.  I don't want their expensive gifts and I don't want to pay for their visits here.  I don't want to visit them either.  I have too much work to do here... trying to focus on our country.  All prisons will be working prisons, where they earn their keep.  They will all be given a stray cat and asked to tame it in 3 months.  The love they will receive from doing this will reform their hearts and souls and they may go back into society at a quicker rate.  If anyone in Congress tries to pull a fast one on me or disrespects, deceives, lies, cheats or steals....they will be go to prison and be locked up with 20 stray cats that are hungry thirsty and mad.  AND...this is the best one.....all Moms that want to stay at home with their children and raise them until they go off to college, will be paid an annual salary of $70,000.  After all they may be birthing and raising our next President and right now his salary is $400,000 with all kinds of extras that go into the millions.  I will not require that high of a salary.  I only want to be paid for my accomplishments.  They will be rated at a package price per accomplishment.  The list of what I would like to change is very long.....and if you have managed to get down this far on this very long must have too much time on your hands.  I will be surprised if this gets one comment.....he haw....signing out now......Granny K...
PS   I am too tired to proofread this right now.  Corrections to follow later.


Rudee said...

Brenda for President! You have my vote.

And, yes, those insurance company executives are fat cat thieves. Throw them in the clink with hungry cats. First one to get scratched gets marked down as having a pre-existing condition.

Love you Brenda. Thanks for the laugh--though it is not a laughing matter.

The Bug said...

I love this rant! I especially like that your solution involves stray cats :)

I really worry about health insurance - we have pretty decent coverage through my husband's job, but the rates keep going up every year until his employer may not be able to offer coverage at all. Probably about the time WE'RE hitting 60 (less than 10 years from now).

Sandy said...

My vote is with YOU~! Loved your rant and your ideas.

VoTE for Brenda!

Anonymous said...

I am voting Brenda! :) But as Rudee says; It's not funny.. Paul's insurance rates doubled last year for two of us.. From 300 / mo to over 700.00.. We went to the HRA plan which was cheaper.. NOTHING was much covered and my tests strips for my INR tests were now 200.00 after our deductible.. Since I"m on SS I did the open enrollment through Humana in December. So it's affordable but I ended up, after getting mis information from my primary doctor's front desk, that I can't use my primary doctor.. uk.. I'm sorry Brenda.. You are right.. The insurance companies are jacking up prices so badly in AZ the feds are looking into to.. The employers are passing expenses down to employers and Blaming OBAMA Care.. It all bites..

Brenda said...

Thanks ladies! I have been researching into these high costs and not liking what I am finding. What a bunch of CROOKS!! More rants to follow!

Paul Meyer said...

Yes, Brenda 4 President! I agree with all that. They are just mafia thugs getting our money for doing nothing. Now their 'protection' is called insurance? Banks are selling insurance, insurance companies have stockholders, oil prices has become a numbers game. Cost of living increasing more than ever. I am mad too.

Brenda said...

Hey Paul...join my bandwagon. Weekly rants are held here. :)

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