Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Now Have Even More Reasons Why I Don't Want To Go On A Cruise

I saw the headline about this ship going down, but I have not  read all of the stories about it yet.  I have never wanted to go on a cruise.  When I was a little girl, I saw the 1953 version of The Titanic and had nightmares forever about it.  I couldn't swim then.  I can swim now.  But....still have no desire to go on a cruise.  The weird thing is....that I love to ride in... or drive.. a speed boat.  On a Lake.  During the day.  The photo above just looks like a nightmare.
Our weather has been super crazy.  Yesterday, it was in the 50's...warm and nice.  I turned the heat off.  During the night, tornado sirens went off, and we had hail and storms.  No damage that I heard of.  An earthquake hit southern Illinois also.  Today it was 8 degrees....super windy,,,,and miserable.  So I am left wondering....could this be the end of the world that we have been told about since we were born.  I personally don't think so...but the weather and the news and so many other things about life can make you wonder.  Reading about our history reassures me that life has always been difficult and in turmoil for many people.
We have been super busy and more than a little tired...moving things in the house.  I think I mentioned that before.  I  have also been spending a fair amount of time on ancestry.com. I have met a few other people researching the same relatives.  I doubt if we will ever meet....but who knows.


Rudee said...

I'm with you on your opinion of a cruise. We were thinking of an Alaskan cruise this year, but now I don't think so. Creeps me out.

The wind came out of nowhere this afternoon and almost knocked me down. It was physically taxing to walk to my car. Now it's freezing and snowing after a high of 52 degrees.

I'm more worried about the nuke showdown in Iran for the end of the earth scenario.

The Bug said...

I've been on one cruise - and really, it's NOTHING like being on small boat. Even the days were were "at sea" I didn't notice that much motion. But the notion of a disaster happening on a floating tin can? Yeah, not really excited about taking my chances again!

Right now it's really pretty outside - fluffy clouds, blue sky - and 29 degrees. Why, compared to you we're having a heat wave :)

Renie Burghardt said...

Ha, Brenda, exactly what I was thinking. My son Joe has offered to take me to Europe, visit Austria and Hungary, see places I used to see as a kid. But I told him the 8 hour flight on the plane was too much for me. So he suggested a ship! Like the Queen Mary or Elizabeth, I think. Now, I think not. I came to America on an old Navy ship, back in '52. What a ride that was--stormy Atlantic for 10 days. But this cruise ship disaster was much worse, and I think not!

We have been so mild, but last night our low was 19 and today's high was 39. Brrr. But warming up again starting tomorrow. Strange weather for sure, but I'm not complaining! I won't think about the end coming, or about another War! I still remember World War II!!

Ok, got to go. Didn't mean to make this post into a book. Take care!

EastCoastLife said...

Hi Brenda, I'm from tropical Singapore where it's sunny days all year round.

I have been on several short cruises and I love them, despite not knowing how to swim. :P

This cruise ship disaster is terrible but it does not scare me from taking another cruise.

Sandy said...

I was on a cruise and loved it and would probably do it again.

That is so sad about the cruise liner.

stljack said...

Brenda, thanks for posting this picture. It looks particularly eerie from this angle. It doesn't discourage me from wanting to take maybe a 3-day cruise (I would go crazy if it was 7 days). That's funny you mention the Barbara Stanwyck version of Titanic. We were talking about it at work last night because I had mentioned how they are coming out with a 3D of the Kate Winslet version and that I like the 50's version better. As for the weather, I heard the hail falling the other night, turned on the tv to see where the worst of the storm was, then went back to sleep (at least until the sirens went off). I hate when it goes off because our siren is only about 300 feet down the block, so it seems extra loud. I will settle for getting through January with no more significant snowfall. Don't mind if it's cold, hate the snow. Jack

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