Saturday, January 21, 2012

Not Feeling The Love....

Well....I finally lost it with two of my neighbors the other night!  She comes over the other night....yet AGAIN...for the I HAVE LOST COUNT....time.  She wanted to warn me that her neighbor was going to trap all of the cats.  She said MY cats are a nuisance to the neighborhood and all of the neighbors are upset with them.  I asked her specifically Who is upset?  Her neighbor...the one that wants to trap them.  She said MY CATS are at her house all the time.  I told her that couldn't be true because HER cats are always at our house.  I have photos to prove it.  She started needling me about whether or not I have had ALL of them fixed.  I finally lost it.  I started screaming at her..that she has done nothing but complain ever since she moved here.  It truly has been one thing right after another.  She seems to know more about our business than we do.  You could tell that she is very used to arguing with everyone she talks to...because she did not blink an eye when I started screaming at her.  I think she actually enjoyed seeing me get upset.  I opened the door and told her to GET out!   I was so upset...I marched down to the man next to her and asked him if he had a problem with the cats.  He said....Yes...they are tearing everything up and getting into his trash.  A LIE.  He has no trash outside...and if he does he shouldn't have.  The squirrels and birds could be getting into it also...if that were the case.  I told him if he traps them and harms them....I would see him in court.  Well....that was just the hot headed anger talking.  It makes very little sense to go to court over outside cats...and I know it.  I was just so angry...I wanted to sock him in the face.  He is another one that has been a pain in the butt.  Several years ago he caught Bob as Bob was leaving for work to tell him that he was going to have someone digging in our back yard to put pipes in to drain his yard into ours because we have a sewer drain.  Bob said..."No you're not   And I am on my way to work."  He said "Oh I thought you were retired".  So retired people don't care if you announce you are going to dig up your yard one his mind.  I could rant on and on about these two...but I think I have finally let myself calm down about it.  I just feel terrible when I LOSE it like that.  Right in front of the grand kids... no less.  In other ways...I am not sorry about it... because those two needed to be put in their place.  I wish I weren't such a hot head though...and could calmly tell people what I think.  Yesterday I talked to one of our neighbors that had his house built the same time as us.  He said that lots of the neighbors feed the strays around here.  Others don't like it...but I have already alerted Animal Control that we have a big problem and have trapped 5 cats and kittens for them.  They have come out a couple of times and left cages and picked them up also.  This just takes a lot of time to get them all.  We now have Waterpool the little female that I took to the Humane Society to get spayed and shots inside living with us.  I had her mom spayed through Sterile Feral and have tried to get others on the days they have the service available.    It really sucks when you have to live next door to people like these two.  This summer should be fun out in the yard... when they are out there.  I think I will just tell them both that if they have an emergency and need help...I will help them or get them help.  But as far as being thanks.

For my penance of uncontrolled anger.....I accidentally (or stupidly) super glued my fingers together  today, trying to fix a clock that Waterpool broke at 4 am this morning.   The end.


Sandy said...

I think losing our tempers with others is pretty common. I know I have done that in the past...and probably will so in the future. It sounds like possibly these two just like to cause trouble more than anything.

I hope you find peace over this and i think we can be kind and loving and all that - but we don't need to be a door mat for anybody to come step all over us with "their" issues.

Good for you.

Rudee said...

Why can't people just mind their own beeswax? I moved away from all of my old neighbors and got lucky in the new neighborhood.

Let your anger go. You can only do what you do in terms of the feral cats, and it sounds to me you've already done a lot. BTW, it's OK to ignore the neighbors. Sometimes that's for the best.

The Bug said...

We have some neighbors who COULD be a problem, but fortunately they like us ok. Apparently they got the people who used to live in our house kicked out (we rent).

I think it's ok to be mad, but don't let it ruin your days - they're not worth it!

bettyjf1 said...

Oh Brenda that's awful.. For the most part, we've been lucky over the years with neighbors.. In 1998 we moved into a new development and had one set of neighbors FROM HELL.. Just that one experience kept me from ever wanting to experience those issues again. What a horrible couple of neighbors.. Having someone come dig in YOUR yard? Really? I'm thinking about you!

Gigi Ann said...

I am sorry, but, your last sentence made me LOL... whip me 10 times with a wet noodle, for that...

We have a problem with a stray cat that comes and pees at our front door, and the pee runs in on our enclosed porch and makes it smell. We had to throw away the carpet we had out there, and had the porch tiled. At least now I can clorox the floor to get rid of the smell. We went to city hall and got a cat cage, but it hasn't showed up lately. Maybe it knows what the cage is all about.

It seems like all neighborhoods have someone who likes to complain about something, if not the cats, they would find something else to complain about. Fortunately I've had nice neighbors, so far.

Keep a stiff upper lip, and look the other way when they are outside.

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