Thursday, January 19, 2012


The photo above is of our cats sleeping and holding paws.  Not the best photo...but I think it is memorable.

While cleaning and shredding papers...I found some poetry I wrote in 1977.  I can hardly believe I am going to post these....but here goes.  Don't laugh....


Sandy said...

......Love is a questing spirit
Seeking where to find
a human frame to live in
a human heart to bind.

I like the poem and the above stood out for me...

really nice Brenda.

Sure glad you posted it. Did you write much poetry in the past?

Rudee said...

It's beautiful poetry and the image of the kitten is so sweet. I love your poetry offerings today.

The Bug said...

Nice! I really like the second one - I think there's a little eucharist in every loving relationship :)

Renie Burghardt said...

Brenda, you're a real poet! Loved both. And the kitty picture is sweet. They look very comfy.

Hope you're not getting the freezing rain I heard St. Louis is getting tonight!


Kat Mortensen said...

You should start cultivating your poetry, Brenda. It is very good.

Brenda said...

Only when I was a young hippie in the 70's. Ha
Thanks...the photo isn't all that good but I will remember the scene better with the photo.
I read that one now... at my age...and wonder what was I thinking with that last line????? I wasn't particularly religious at that time in my life. ??? Oh well.
Renie and Kat,
You two being me a compliment means a lot. Thank You!

Paul Meyer said...

Wow! The Love poem is great. More people need to see that one. You should have that engraved or in a painting or in a quilt! It could be used in a wedding, or even a baptism.
I Love your blog Brenda.

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