Sunday, February 12, 2012


Wow...I can not believe how much I enjoyed the Grammy's this year.  There were so many performers that are from my youth.  I felt like I was having a party at the nursing home and rocking out with Sir Paul at the end.!

Tony Bennett can still sing as good as he did when he was young.  How can that be??  I thought singers lost their ability to sing certain notes as they aged.  Maybe that is more for the singers who hit a lot of the very talented Adele..who was "Rolling in The Deep" with Awards. 

The Beach Boys singing with Adam Levine was a real treat also.  I can still remember listening to them in my room as a teen.  Their songs seem kind of corny by today's standards, but I still love them.
I was really hoping that Stevie Wonder would have kept going with his harmonica.  And the commercials were really creative!  There were just a few parts of the show that I could have done without...but now I have to see how I can get a copy of it.  And enjoy it all again!  Great show.


Rudee said...

I agree! Tony Bennett is 85 years old and can still sing a great song! There were some bizarre acts, but the tribute to the Beach Boys and Glen Campbell were wonderful. I downloaded the new Paul McCartney album on itunes right after the show. It's wonderful!

Brenda said...

Hi Rudee...Yes there were some bizarre acts... and one that looked like the devil himself was my opinion...but...we encounter evil everywhere, everyday...just have to stay clear of it so we don't let it ruin our happiness. I ignored it and just allowed myself to really enjoy the parts that I thought were good.

Sandy said...

I fell asleep and missed a lot of the singing - I did see Adele (I love her songs) and Tony Bennett but missed Paul and missed the Beach Boys.

I'll have to look and see if there are videos up of it...

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