Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bob's Office

Today we drove over to Bob's office because he forgot his glasses...both pairs. 
 I haven't been there in...years? (I can't remember when)

The most updated thing he has in this 27 inch Apple iMac.

The building has a musty smell and he has been burning these candles.

He was so excited a few weeks ago when he discovered this book holder 
that his Mom gave him in college. His excitement came when he realized it makes a great stand for his iPad, which he can then use while working at the iMac. An interesting marriage of old and new technology, and chocked full of sentimental value, to boot.

His wall decor is of photos that Katy took a long time ago. 
 And a calendar of her photos that she has made for him at Christmas.


A photo collage of the major philosophers of the Western World. He jokes to visitors that this is a picture of his college fraternity members. The seniors are on the top row - they were always 'stoned'.

I think his office needs some serious updates.  
He works really hard....and deserves a nicer environment. 
 It needs a real feng shui overhaul.

Name tags

A plant that is about 30 years old...with no fresh dirt.
The stool it sits on was once my "Time Out" stool for our kids when they were little.

The phone that he uses to try and keep all the customers happy.  
It needs something...more upbeat around it.

This office is me.
So I will show some before and afters as I try to encourage him to make some changes.  Any and all decorating advice will be considered.

PS.  We do have a sense of humor.
PSS.  The idiot that took these photos forgot to take the B&W filter off.


bettyjf1 said...

Cool that he found his old book stand.. LOVE that 27 inch iMac! :) I like the black and white filter Brenda.

Sandy said...

Great photos and how enjoyable to see those things that are important to him.

There is one BIG way I can tell Bob is a great guy - If that plant still looks like that after 30 years, original dirt - it LOVES him. Plants are especially connected and feel those around him, feel their intent, their Being-ness.

Have you ever read The Secret Life of Plants? Old old book but wonderful!

Thanks for the tour and I too love the black and white filter - makes it looks like a detective's office or something..

Brenda said...

Thanks! He is known by his children as Mac Daddy. All things Mac.

That book was one of the first ones I owned. I think it came out around 1970 maybe. I used to have a house full of plants back in those days.
It does love him I think. Now I feel kind of guilty because I was trying to convince him to bring that one home and replace it with one we have here at the house. He looked sad when I suggested it...

Sandy said...

He and the plant don't want to be parted. How fun to read you read that book also way back when.

Rudee said...

I'd sat the best way to show off that 27 inch spectacular Mac is a glass desk. In a nod to Steve Jobs, make that gorilla glass.

The Bug said...

I'm the last one to give decorating advice - I have not sense of style. But surely Pinterest can help you? I'm so glad I can't access it at work - I do NOT need another place to spend my time. WWF uses up enough!

Reader Wil said...

It's good you took these photos, now you can see what his office looks like.
Happy ABC Wednesday!
Wil, ABC Wednesday Team

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