Friday, February 17, 2012

Mitch Rapp

If  any of Vince Flynn's books become movies....I was trying to figure out who could play Mitch Rapp.  I ran across this fella on Pinterest.  He might work.  Either him or some one that hasn't been discovered yet.  His latest book seems to go into more detail about his black hair and black I don't know of many famous actors that have those features. 

And....I really wish I had never ran across Pinterest.  I know my daughter warned me it was a huge time waster....but..I never knew how much time I would waste looking at stuff...I will never own....or food I will never make...or well..all of it.  But it is a good way to just veg-out if you can limit the time spent there.


Rudee said...

Not a bad selection for Mitch.

Haven't tried pinterest yet, and with your warning, I may not. Got enough time sucks like my blog, ravelry, words with friends, knitting. You know how it goes.

Sandy said...

I go there to Pininterest sometimes and even created an account but I try to stay away...ha!

I do like Pixdaus..wonderful photos there.

Brenda said...

I think I have already changed my mind about this guy. He was in "No Country For Old Men" He can play a really good...bad guy part...but doesn't fit with Mitch Rapp....I don't think.
Had to track you down when I heard you played Words with Friends. I usually play through face book though.

I joined Pixdaus just now... Love the cat photos so far!

Renie Burghardt said...

Never triet pintrest either, and I don't think I will. FB and Twitter and a lot of reading online, is enough for me.

Hope you're having a good weekend. Son Greg will be here tomorrow and we're going to lunch in the Bluff. Probably Aplebee's.

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