Friday, February 10, 2012

Shades of Grey

We have grey skies here is Missouri today.  Rainy and cool.  I have stayed at home for the most part doing some mailings for charity this morning and watching TV.  I watched CNN and the CPAC coverage.   It is so hard for my listen to anyone running for office with a naive mind...and rally behind them with excitement.  Candidates get built up... just to go into office and get knocked down.  Their hair turns gray in a matter of months...they look unhealthy.  But...I guess somebody has to do it.  After I finished watching that...I browsed through my facebook account and saw an interview with Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer who are both nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress in  "The Help".  I think I saw things in that movie that most people just didn't see.  Or at least I wonder...if anyone else saw it the way I did.  I read the book and watched the movie... feeling like the story was more about relationships and the way we treat each other. Yes... the story is set in the early 60's , a time that I lived in, and remember.  I remember the prejudice and separations of the races and the injustices that were done.  If I had my way....those things never would have been allowed...but they were.  But...that being said...many women through the ages have been "The Help".  They have been White, Black, Chinese, Mexican, German, Irish, etc...etc.  My Mom used to take in ironing, and clean homes.  So did I.  I remember during my early 20's I went with a friend to polish silver at a very wealthy and well known family here in St. Louis.  My friend cleaned weekly for them and they  needed extra help with the silver.  I wanted to go with her because I was nosy and wanted to see the big mansion.  As soon as I got there...I was treated like a piece of crap.  My friends employer. talked to my friend about if I were not there.  She started telling Lucy...SHE is not allowed to touch..this..this..and that.....blah blah blah.  I don't really remember what all she said...too long ago.  But you get the picture.  There are plenty of "Hilly Holbrooks" in the world.  And....boy did I find out some dirt on the way this well known wealthy family lived.    Not scandalous things...but just the way they treated people and what they left around for The Help to pick up after their lazy asses.
I think I just got side tracked about what I was going to originally write about today....and that views (political) (moral) whatever are not always either Black or White.  I see things in shades of grey.  There is usually a circumstance, event, reason, whatever...that just doesn't always fall into the either/or category.  Just my opinion...and my style I guess.
I leave you with my latest photo, taken by my daughter, of our grayish kitten.  Have a great weekend!


Sandy said...

Interesting to read about your job polishing silver and how they treated you, kind of pisses me off just reading about it.

I love that photo and now I know what I am going to sketch out tonight - I was going to go for another dog but i have to do this adorable cat! I'm starting it NOW...ha.

Brenda said...

Hi Sandy...I would love it if you could sketch her sometime. She is a pretty cat. I like the photos we have of her that show her M marking on her head. Have to see if I can find one.

Rudee said...

Nothing wrong with shades of grey.

Sara and I watched The Help (again) today. I do love this movie.

The Bug said...

I still haven't read the book or watched the movie - I need to get it on my wish list or I'll never remember!

My mom cleaned houses for a living. I have to say that most of the people she cleaned for treated her like the house goddess she was - so greatful for her good work - but there were a few of the older ladies who had that southern way of looking at "the help." Mom didn't mind as long as they paid her well - & stayed out of her way!

Brenda said...

Dana....Glad your Mom worked for nice people. I think you will enjoy the book and movie

Rudee..I will probably watch it again. I thought this was one time where the movie was every bit as good as the book.

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