Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crazy Styles

I was going through my closet and found some old books that I think I will be pitching.  I think the only reason I bought this many years ago... at an antique store... was because I liked this bat wing sweater.  I still kind of like it.  But look at the other stuff.....

Did any  man really wear these?!?!?!   Really?  I think just the fellas that posed for the photo.

Or this headwear?  It looks really heavy with that gigantic pompom at the end.

Looks like a fish net hat.  I can't believe anyone really wore these things. 
 I could not find a date for this book...but at 25 had to be a really long time ago.


Sandy said...

that was fun to see - crazy hats, crazy ties...

Star said...

Don't just ditch them. They could be valuable. Perhaps you should sell them on Ebay? Your throw out is someone else's treasure!
Like the cost scarf hat and yes, I too love the batwing sleeves. So comfortable over blouses.

Rudee said...

Don't ditch!

Love that stocking cap. It both reminds me of my youth and pleases me to wear one--big pom-pom and all. I love my hand knit stocking cap!

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