Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Natural Talent

I caught an interview with Dionne Warwick last night and seeing her brought back memories for me from 1964.  She was the first female singer I absolutely adored.  I loved all of her songs and had them all memorized.  I used to dream of being able to sing like her.  I have noticed that a lot of the singers that I really like, have a unique and natural born talent.  They have the ability to hit a lot of different notes.  I really don't know very much about music at all...only what I personally like.  Awhile back I was chatting with a friend.. (who had a daughter attending Berklee College of Music)...and she made a comment about how much better Barbra Streisand would have sounded if she had had voice lessons.  Really????  I could not disagree more.  I think there are some men and women who have a God given talent with their singing voice and if they had to have it "Trained"  it would take so much away from it.  I think people that need voice lessons are ones who want to be able to sing better...given they do not have the natural talent that others do have.  I really enjoy Adele's singing voice and given her recent surgery... I heard that she had to take voice lessons to avoid notes that could harm her...if that makes sense.  If it turns out she is unable to sing with the same quality she had before the surgery...I would be happy with the 2 albums she was able to make.  Hopefully her real soulful voice will able to shine through in time.


Anonymous said...

I agree! Brenda. I don't care for Barbara S. but she sure can sing! Some people just have a natural talent for singing their music moves people too.

Brenda said...

I know Betty. I try to separate the singer from their personal life most of the time. I would rather just enjoy their talent and stay out of their personal business...or wish I could. The paparazzi depends on all the everyday movements of anyone they can make a buck off of.

Rudee said...

I love Barbra and all of her music. Perhaps your friend should look at Barbra's bank account to see that most of the world does not share her opinion.

Frank Sinatra is another one who was a natural born singer/crooner. I wouldn't change a thing about his voice, either.

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