Monday, March 5, 2012

Well Mannered Men

I think I take for granted sometimes how well mannered my husband is.  He always opens the door for me and shuts it.  He steps aside at Mass for me to go ahead of him when we go up to receive the Eucharist.  He always washes the dishes after I have prepared a meal.  And he holds the umbrella over me when it is raining.

I found these images from a blog called  "The Art of Manliness"   The first photo looks kinda strange to me.  She looks scared or something.  The blog said shocked.  Anyway.... I think my husband's Mother brought him up right.  He is very well mannered.  Even after 35 years together.
I see so many  rude men out and about these days.  They not only do not show respect for women...they don't show much respect for anyone.  Maybe that group of men ...that are just selfish and disrespectful...have always been around....I am just grateful that I am not married to one. 
I have been watching the last season of Mad Men to get a refreshed memory for the new shows that start on March 25th.  I enjoy reliving the 60's.


Momcat said...

I could do with some well mannered people around me. I dont always blame the mothers. Its the individuals choice as well. And unfortunately these days, olde-worlde manners seem to be a forgotten art.

Rudee said...

There are plenty of rude women out there, too. Plenty.

The Bug said...

My dad has his wife so well-trained that now when she goes shopping with her daughter she sits in the car for a while before figuring out that Leslie isn't goign to open the door for her - ha!

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