Sunday, March 4, 2012

What Happened to the ORIGINAL..

I bought a bag or Werther's Original butterscotch candy last week.  I don't buy them very fact I can't remember when I bought them last.  Maybe it has been years.  Something about them was just not right...I thought they were just a hard candy .Guess what...they are now soft and chewy...and they don't last as long that way.  So I eat more of them.    Here is what I found out on Wikipedia...

Originally available only in the hard form, sweets are now also available as 'chewy toffees', as well as a soft form that resembles wax, which melts easily inside the mouth called 'Caramelts'. A variant with chocolate filling is also available. There are also three sugarfree variants including the original caramel flavour, a caramel coffee swirl, and a caramel mint swirl. There is much confusion regarding whether Werther's are caramels or butterscotch. They are properly described as butterscotch due to their hard consistency. Werther's Caramelts may be an exception in so far as they are chewy.
A recent release (at least in the UK) is Werther's Chocolate; dark and milk chocolate sold in the same packaging and wrappers as Werther's Originals but instead of hard sweets, there is chocolate with butterscotch running through it.

I like the hard solid candy better.  They should have changed the name maybe Werther's Original Caramelts...not to be confused with Werther's Originals. 
Ok...just another gripe session here.  sorry.


Rudee said...

Why fix what ain't broke? I'm pretty sure I can still find the original hard candies here.

Reader Wil said...

These butterscotch candies are also popular in my country!
Thanks for your comment! The book is still available. You'll find it in Wkipedia under the name Roy McIvor Cockatoo.
A bookreview says: " My Life in Cape York is an inspirational story of how Roy and his people triumphed over the hardships to which they were subjected, and their eventual return to their country now known as Hope Vale.
Throughout his life, art has been a guiding light. Today Roy is recognised as one of Cape York’s leading Indigenous artists."

Reader Wil said...

Sorry you'll find it in Google AVG!

Sandy said...

I buy them and they are the hard ones. Werther's Originals. In fact I loved them so much I had to stop buying them.

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