Friday, April 13, 2012

The Rain

The rain falls down on the window sill
playing the music of gentle notes
of nature's gift to us
It lulls me into
a calming state
So quiet and so peaceful

It  lulled me as a young innocent girl
and now as an woman who has seen so much of life

As I listen to its lullaby today
I felt that same innocence
 Once again
 as I felt in my youth

How could that be?
Have I become innocent once again?
Perhaps it it just the magic that comes from the song
That has taken me back to that time

It has allowed me to see things through the innocence 
of a young girl that knew so little
Feared so little
Worried so little
And merely enjoyed so much

So much of what God had placed before me
The grass and the flowers and trees
The clover and bees and lightening bugs
How free they all seemed to me

They seemed to accept their fate
what ever it would be
Not fighting what nature had intended for them 
Just living for the moments that were free


The Bug said...

This is lovely Brenda! I sometimes yearn for those bygone days too. I was just saying that I'd be perfectly happy to be back in the days when I got a fifty cent allowance every week (which I divvied up for the church offering). Of course, I would have Mike then would I?

Brenda said...

In our quiet dreams...we have could have Mike too. Thanks...for the encouragement on my impromptu attempt at poetry....

Rudee said...

This is beautiful Brenda.

I tend not to reflect my youth too often. There are some memories there that the rain can't wash clean.

Brenda said...

I have bad and scary memories from my childhood, but I think I was blessed to have lived on a farm. It was outdoors that I found God and the comfort he gave me...through rain and flowers and grass, etc. Also...I have acquired a great blocking technique for bad memories.
As I have aged it has just fallen into the category of "I can't remember shit..." I really can't.

Sandy said...

Well....this is just beautiful!!

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Clifford   1994 to 2009
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