Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Today was my 3 week checkup for my knee surgery.  I am still not 100%....and it is not likely that I ever will be.  Because of my arthritis and joint problems...this may be about as good as it gets.  He asked me if I wanted to go to Physical Therapy but I really can't afford it.  I found some "on line" exercises for knee surgeries like I had and I think I will start those tomorrow.  Living in a home with stairs, I think, gives me enough therapy..but I could be wrong.   The Dr. did say that it should continue to get better...so I hope he is right.  In the mean time I have found that Aleve is a very big help.  I have found myself experiencing... just a little bit... of what it must be like to have a handicap....and I can see that it must be very frustrating.  There are a lot of things that I just can't do yet.  Like bend down on my knees and pull weeds or do some of the pool maintenance....I just have to watch it being unkempt... until I can get someone to help me.  On the other hand...I thoroughly enjoy just sitting around and knitting and reading and napping.  I have gained another 10 lbs though...so I need a miracle to get all of this fat off of my body  Dieting and exercise have failed me in the past...so I am hoping for a miracle of some kind.
My knitted shawl has been frogged 3 times because I was not  reading the chart right.  I am now putting it on hold until May when I take a class at our yarn shop on Mondays.  We will be working on a similar pattern and after I complete that...I am confident that I can complete the one I started.  I really do think I could just sit and knit for the rest of my life.  My unfinished quilts are calling my name also.  Poor things.....someday...someday.


The Bug said...

I feel about as obsessed with my crocheting :)

I noticed the other day that my "bad" shoulder (that I had surgery on two & a half years ago), FINALLY feels almost right. I still can't hold it straight over my head, but the strength has returned & it has a lot more flexibility than it used to. I noticed because I've apparently done something to my left shoulder/arm now. I'm just ignoring it for now. Sigh.

I said all that to encourage you that your knee most likely WILL improve over time :)

Rudee said...

Your health insurance won't pay for any rehab? That stinks! I'm sorry you didn't get a better outcome.

The stairs will only exercise your knee in particular ways and down is always harder than up with knee pain. Try the online exercises and do them every day. Also, Biofreeze is miracle juice in my very humble opinion. You should be able to find this topical gel online.

As for the knitting...my hands are seldom idle. I think you'll find the class beneficial. Chart reading is tricksy, but you can do it. I taught myself how to read a chart by doing a simple pattern that had both a chart and a written pattern. Now I prefer charts and it doesn't matter if there is no written pattern. I can usually get through it. Cable charts still throw me though. It's the symbols I can't seem to memorize. I make cheater's notes in the margin of the pattern to help me with those. The lace is not a problem. If you need help, email me. I'm happy to help you through things. I also use many tricks to help me keep my place.

For instance:
/ is a knitting symbol that leans to the right. It means to knit two together. I remember the right decrease because the words together and right both have an R.
\ is a symbol that leans to the left. It means to slip slip knit (or as I prefer: slip 1 knit wise,knit 1 and pass slip stitch over. The words slip and left both have an L in them.

Brenda said...

Thanks Dana....I tried to send you an email response and it didn't work for some reason. It is nice to hear encouraging words about surgery recovery. I guess sometimes it really does take longer to heal.

I think the insurance may pay something....but the claim is still in process for the surgery cost that cost almost $10,000. I know I have to pay $5,000 because that is my deductible. I just don't want to keep adding to the debt I may end up having.
Yes...I will try and email you my question....I have gone on line and haven't found an answer to my specific question yet. Thanks!

Sandy said...

hmmm, biofreeze - I must try that, thanks Rudee.

I am having ankle pain from a sprain - and now it feels like arthritis in there.

I hope you do get 100% impovement but if not then Aleve is the miracle drug. I have taken Advil usually but will try Aleve for some arthritis I know I have.

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