Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Well...I find myself with little or nothing to say lately.  Most of my thoughts are negative....so as the old saying goes...If you can't say anything nice...say nothing at all.  And when all else fails...talk about the weather.  Our weather has been cool and sunny.  A change from the 90 degrees we were having.  Hope your weather is good....and your days sunny.  That didn't sound quite right...but whatever...


Rudee said...

I hear you! I'm Miss Crabbybritches myself.

Did you see that news video with the giant hail in Oklahoma? That was incredible. The hail were softball size...enormous! Look it up. I think the storm was on the 9th. The video I saw showed the hail falling into a big pond or lake and making big splashes when it fell.

See? You're right. THe weather is way more interesting than my life right now!

The Bug said...

I hear you! I've got some depression issues interfering with my head lately (mine AND Mike's). However, I've always been good at finding the funny somehow.

It was COOOLLD here this morning (30 or so). And here I was whining about how hot March was.

In other news, I haven't been sleeping well and that makes me VERY cranky. I'm considering taking the day off on Friday just so I can lay (lie?) around & take naps!

Brenda said...

Rudee...Ha...did not see the exciting hail storm video but I could not BELIEVE the video of the tornadoes in Texas. Giant tractor trailers being hurled in the air like lightweight toys.

Dana...Yes...you are really good at finding the funny. I love that about you! It was so cool here the other day...I just wanted to curl up under the covers and sleep...and I did.

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