Sunday, May 27, 2012

Faith Ringgold Exhibit

Yesterday morning Bob and I headed down on Main St to get some coffee and breakfast at one of our favorite coffee places...Picassa's.   We had planned on going to see the Irish Festival on the riverfront...but the temperatures were already in the 90's before we went to the Art Foundry instead.  There was an exhibit of Faith Ringgold's work.  I was unaware of who she was so I learned a little about her.  She is an artist and writer, having won awards for some of her books.  She is best known for her painted story quilts.  These were some that were in the exhibit.

I think this one is called The Tar Beach.   

I really enjoyed seeing this style of quilting.

The very odd part of the day for me... was running into this exhibit of paper quilting.  Just the morning before we went here...I had awoke with thoughts of doing a paper pieced quilt with the kids.  I thought I had come up with an original idea!  Ha...was I ever surprised to walk in here and see that it had already been done....and...was in an exhibit no less!  I  would still like to do this with them.  At ages 4 and 2 though... I don't think it will turn out quite this good.  I don't have any scrapbook paper, because I just never could get into scrap booking.  I was planning on using some old magazines.

 Our weather has been HOT..HOT....HOT!  We are staying inside today trying to keep cool!


Rudee said...

Mmmm. What a wonderful exhibit.

I guess you're meant to make a paper quilt, now weren't you? I think a trip to Michael's may be in your near future.

sandy said...

Paper quilting is really cool. Interesting post, nice to read and see the photos. Hope you cool off. It's been nice and cool here - a little warmer today. Maybe low 80's.

The Bug said...

Love the quilts - both fabric & paper. I should send you my scrapbooking paper - I'm probably not going to use it again.

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