Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grammy Day

Yesterday I  took the girls to the myself. 
Everything worked out fine..and we had fun...but my body is paying for it today. 
On the plus side...I finally have time to write a post.

We saw a hyena...taking a nap. 
The weather was right around 70 degrees...very pleasant for a nap.

We went to the Children's Zoo area...but arrived just
about an hour before they we did not get to see everything.  
Kayla and Maddie had fun
watching the goats and brushing them.
 A few of them wanted to head butt each other...fortunately...they
were only interested in fighting each other
 and had no interest in us.  Whew.....!

This area is at the North Entry where we parked.  
Maddie loves to look at the fountain and climb on the sculptures of the seals.
 By July of this year.. we will get to see
a new seal arena that they have been working on for the past couple of years.
  I always get lost because of the construction detours there
.  I have been going to the zoo for 35 years and it just keeps getting better and better.
 I don't like to see caged animals just for our viewing...
but a big thumbs up.. should go out to our Zoo
because they have designed the zoo
to give a great natural habitat for the animals we have.

The Elephants are what Maddie asks to see when we go..
but she has really taken an interest in all of the animals. 
The Zoo could be a great teaching place for Maddie at her age....
I think I need to do some studying about them...because she really has a lot of questions.
  Kayla enjoys seeing them all...but at 2 she doesn't have the same interest as Maddie.

 The penguins are me.  But the area they are in is FREEZING.  
The kids did not want to stay long.

We left around 5 o'clock...just in time to meet Grandpa
 at Culver's for some dinner and custard.


The Bug said...

I love everything about this post: two cute girlies; the zoo (the Cincinnati Zoo is also a really good one); the PENGUINS (yay); AND Culvers! Yum!

Rudee said...

Your girls are so cute! They're adorable in that kiddie zoo area! Girls after my own heart hanging with the fiber bearing beasties!

I miss our elephants here. They were sent to other zoos so they could be better cared for. We have beautiful, more natural habitats for our animals, too, though I do feel for them being locked up and all.

Gigi Ann said...

The picture are lovely, as is the girls, they are growing up so fast. Culver's is one of my favorite places to eat. The help pretty much know what we order each time we go there.

sandy said...

Love your zoo photos. I have so much fun when we go - in fact we're due soon. The girls are so cute and grandpa looks happy to be with them.

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Clifford   1994 to 2009
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