Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hatfield and McCoys

I watched the History Channel's series on "The Hatfields and McCoys "  I thought it was pretty good as far as the acting and all that....but I have a feeling it glamorized them in a way that was not accurate.  I hate to even say the word "glamorize" but the word does pop into my mind when it comes to this movie.  The bad relationships between these two families showed the very worse of what human beings are capable of doing when they allow hate and revenge to rule over everything else.  My guess is that all that hooch they cooked up fueled the fires also.  Alcohol can turn a saint into a monster.  Normally.. I  would not have even been interested in watching the show...BUT...I found out this past year that I could be related to the Hatfields through some contacts.  I haven't researched it myself yet.....but for the time being..the link would be through Valentine Hatfield...Anse's older brother...played by Powers Booth.  There was something about marrying first cousins (yuk)....yada yada yada.  Which brings me to wonder something.....what does blood relations really mean anyway.  What if you have nothing in common with your blood relatives..or just don't like them...don't want to be around them.  Does that make you a bad person.  I hope not.  Because I have a lot of relatives I don't see very often or even know how they are doing.  A few of them that I avoid...I have to do order to keep my own sanity and health in order.  There are some people that will suck the life right out of I feel they are best kept at a very far distance.
I have always wished and dreamed of having a family that I was really close to.  It just never happened.  I have a couple of cousins that I talk to once a year or so...and that is about it.  It wasn't always that way.  When I was little we visited all of my Mom and Dad's family and I think I knew what having a family really meant.  My Grandma and Grandpa really were the glue that held us all together.  It just seemed that after they passed we all drifted away.  At my age...most have all passed already.  There just seems to have been a real struggle in my have had a good bond as we all got older.

Sometimes our friends that we choose...are more like family.  Or at least for has been that way.  So of these days when I have more free time...I may have to look into the Hatfields as being in my blood line.  I told my two cousins that I see every so often about finding out the Hatfields and McCoys could be in our bloodline and they said...."Well that explains a lot about our family".  Ha...there are some funny stories we share and laugh ourselves silly over.  A few I have shared here and there on my blog.....


Rudee said...

You're a Hatfield? That's some conversation starting lineage you have there. Yes! Get checking.

I enjoyed the show. I'm a little sad that it's over. It didn't seem all that glamorous to me. There were low dow scoundrels on both sides of the river.

Brenda said...

Hi Rudee....I think I thought of glamorous...because... I have a feeling the real people were much worse than what we saw on TV. And what we saw was pretty bad...
I think Kevin Costner did a good job and a few of the other actors were good too. I liked the story line about Johnsie falling in love with the Roseanna McCoy.

The Bug said...

Actually, the feud wasn't really as much of a feud as the show made it out to be - there were far worse feuds in other states (based on # of people killed - "only" 12 people died as a part of this feud). But I enjoyed what I saw of it too. Of course, my historian husband was pointing all the inaccurate bits :)

I think it's totally cool that you might be related.

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