Monday, May 21, 2012

Lewis and Clark

On Saturday Bob and I went out to run a few errands and decided to go down on Main Street for some lunch.  The annual Lewis and Clark Expedition Reenactment was going on we walked around and enjoyed some of the sites.   I copied and pasted some information from a website that tells about everything going on there.  We were there for a short time...but next year I would like to see the parade and visit the boathouse....and learn a little more about Lewis and Clark.... between now and then.
 The reenactment includes a grand parade, military encampment, fife and drum corps muster, musket and cannon demonstrations, a skillet throw, and period music, food and wares.  Each day begins with the raising of colors and the day ends with retreat and the lowering of colors.  The Discovery Expedition of Saint Charles is camped on site in Frontier Park, and the Lewis & Clark Boathouse is just steps away, where the Discovery Expedition of Saint Charles boats are on display.
President Thomas Jefferson planned the Lewis & Clark Expedition in secret because the French and Spanish coalition still owned and governed the Louisiana Territory.  With an amazing set of events in 1803 came the purchase of this vast territory for the United States.  Training in secret on the eastern bank of the Mississippi near the confluence with the Missouri River, the Expedition was able to set out in the spring of 1804 after the land was officially transferred.  On May 14th, Clark set out with a restless, rowdy, high spirited crew of 43 men moving up the Missouri River and they landed in Saint Charles on May 16th.  “ 12oClock a number Spectators french & Indians flocked to the bank to See the party.  This village is about one mile in length…and about 450 inhabitents chiefly French, those people appear pore, polite & harmonious.”[-Wm. Clark’s Journal]
While they waited for Lewis to meet them, they reloaded the keelboat.  They were “…invited to a ball in the Village.”  Three men deserted their watch and were court-martialed for misconduct.  On Sunday, May 20th many of the men went to church and later that day “…Capt Lewis and several gentlemen arrive from St. Louis thro a violent Shoure of rain…”  On May 21st, the Lewis & Clark Expedition “…set out from St. Charles at 3oClock after getting every matter arranged…”[-Wm. Clark’s Journal]
More than 200 years ago two brave men launched one of the most amazing adventures of all time. President Thomas Jefferson asked Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to find a route to the Pacific coast. You may know them as the famous Lewis & Clark.
In 1804, they left from Saint Charles to explore new lands from Saint Charles to the Pacific Ocean. During their journey, Lewis and Clark came face-to-face with many wild animals, discovered unknown plants and encountered many Indian cultures

Enjoyed hearing these guys!  I have a video of them below.


A statue of Lewis and Clark and Seaman is along the walkway down by the river.

I wish I could have heard all of her story.  She was talking about what it was like in those days to spin and cherish everything they had.  She was also talking about herbs and berries....but I came in on the tail end of her story.  Maybe next year....

I had to take this photo because my Grandma made ham and beans every day of her life.  They they had a huge breakfast very early in the morning and she started cooking beans right afterwards so that they would be ready for lunch.  (Northern beans in a bag that took many hours to cook.)  They ate a big lunch and then very little for supper.  They went to bed around 6:30 so they could get up at 3 everyday.  Once while I was visiting her sometime in my early adulthood (?) I was sleeping in a room next to the kitchen.  She started slamming things around and grumbling because I was sleeping too late instead of getting up at 3 in the morning to help her defrost the refrigerator.

Mother Goose telling some tales.   
I think the lady with the umbrella is Little Miss Muffit.  
There is probably a spider involved somewhere.

Next year I want to ask what this tonic is.

Sometimes I really wish I could wear clothes like this everyday.  
My Granny always wore a house dress.  I never saw her in pants...ever.

Male conversations.

Makes you wonder what life was really like back in those days.  
It seemed families were very close.  Moms keeping their kids busy with chores and stuff.
  These little guys were very good with their flutes and drums.


Rudee said...

What a fun festival!

Ahead of our trip out west, we've been to the Lewis & Clark website. We want to stop at some landmarks where they passed.

Have you read Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose? It was a wonderful nonfiction book. Since you like your history, I think you'd enjoy this very much. It's a great summer (or anytime) read and only $10 for kindle.

sandy said...

Getting up at 3 to help defrost the refrigerator, OMG...I could have never done that, ha.

Great post and enjoyed the photos etc.

The Bug said...

I don't even defrost my refrigerator at any time of the day, much less that early :)

Mike's school had a grant to celebrate Lewis & Clark last year - they had a nice exhibit & he had a reenactor come in to do a presentation. It was pretty fascinating.

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