Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eye Surgery

My eye surgery went well.  I went in early to pay some of the bill and have a study nurse start an IV for blood withdrawal.... for the study I signed up for.  I was briefly introduced to the anesthesiologist...but to tell you the truth...I don't know what she did.  I was awake for the procedure.  Lots of eyes drops to numb I guess that could have been her role.  It was a very odd experience to say the least.  I really thought I would be put out.  There were two times when I did experience pain and the Dr. knew it because I moved.  They tape your head to the table so you don't move.  They also strap your arms down so that you don't move them.  But the two times I felt pain I wiggled my body...and he said he was sorry if it hurt.  The time it took to do both procedures, (cataract  and astigmatism replacement lens) was only about 30 minutes.  Very short recovery time...then on my feet to start the study of blood withdrawals and questions.  I was a little disappointed that I wasn't put in a room where I could lie down if I wanted.  I was put in the regular waiting room.  My last blood draw was at 8:30 that evening.  Then back at it... the next day at noon.  They told me I could drive and so I did.  I cried on the way there because I could see things clearer than I have ever seen them before.  I told my Dr. this and he said he loves to hear comments like that.  I was back over there again early this morning for another exam and study questions.  I stayed home in my lounge wear all day today.  It felt so wonderful to rest.  I have noticed my vision is still not what I wish it were though...because I only have one perfect eye.  The other one is just there to help for close up views.  I am hoping that this is just something that I will eventually adjust to.  For just depends on what I am looking at...distance and light conditions seem to affect how well I see.  I am confident though that the Drs. will help me to see the way that I feel the most comfortable.
I am feeling very very blessed.......


The Bug said...

I'm so glad it went well! I remember after my Lasik surgery I woke up after the nap they told me to take when I got home & looked at the alarm clock, which I could read clearly & said, "Schneider make a miracle!" Dr. Schneider was my surgeon.

I think you'll actually appreciate having the different eyes - mine were like that & for a long time I didn't need reading glasses because my left eye was able to see close up really well.

sandy said...

i might need to have something like that done...i need an eye check up for sure.

glad it's over and you can see so much better.

Gigi Ann said...

So glad the eye surgery went well. Take it easy and live like a queen for a few days. hee, hee.

Rudee said...

I'm so glad it went well, Brenda. Your brain will catch up with the trick of mono vision. Takes time.

Thaddeus Harrod said...

I’m glad it all went well. In my situation, I was tempted to rub my eyes when the surgery was beginning to heal, but my doctor said not to even touch it. She recommended me to wear sunglasses as a protection from subconsciously touching them. By the way, how are you now, Brenda?

Thaddeus Harrod

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