Saturday, June 2, 2012


Dancing Calla Lilies

Red Dahlia

Yellow Dahlia

Yellow Lily

Just a few flowers from our yard.  I planted several this year...and these were looking nice enough for  photos.  The weather has turned very cool for a few days here in Missouri.  But predictions are for higher temps this week.  Thursday was our son-in-laws birthday and tomorrow is our daughters.  I made a German Chocolate cake for him and... I am not sure yet for Katy.  Maybe ice cream cake.  She has been thinking that she may be gluten intolerant and I found her a pizza that was gluten free and she said it did not make her sick like a regular one would.  Maddie had a virus all week and was not feeling well.  Yesterday about 3 pm it hit me and I crawled into bed and fell into a deep sleep at 4 pm when Katy returned home from work.  Today I got up for a while and then again around 1 pm I could barely keep my eyes open and slept all afternoon.
My eye surgery is set for the later part of June.  I qualified for a study that will pay us a few dollars that will help with the astigmatism correction...that the insurance will not cover.  I am only having one eye done so hopefully I will only be out of sorts for one week.  The cataract was really bad they I am really glad that it will be taken care of so I can drive safely.
Okay...that's all folks..hope to get more creative with my writing some time soon...


sandy said...

Those are beautiful blooms. I just posted some on my blog - we are on the same wavelength.ha. So you are having eye surgery - i'll be interested in how it feels and what it entails. Did you know you had a cataract before the eye exam. I heard of somebody else recently who had cataract surgery and they said they didn't know they had one.

Rudee said...

The flowers are all beautiful, but the dahlia, especially so.

I'm sorry you're feeling poorly. I hope today is better. Happy birthday to your kids.

Gluten intolerance? Devastating! I don't think I could live without my bread.

The Bug said...

Happy birthday to your kids! Ice Cream cake sounds pretty yummy to me.

LOVE the flowers - gorgeous! Mike & I sat in the back yard yesterday thinking of what we might plant this year (I know, we're kind of late - ha!).

Good luck on the surgery!

Brenda said...

They told me I had cataracts about 3 or 4 years ago. I haven't been able to even see a big TV clearly or anything close. It is like a film over your Vaseline over glass lens.

Thanks Rudee and Dana for the visit!

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