Sunday, July 15, 2012

Getting Ready For..... V A C A T I O N ....

Tomorrow morning,... bright and early ...right after 6:15 Mass...Bob and I will travel to Wisconsin via coach wagon.  I sure am glad we won't be traveling in the above wagon.  Geez....I wonder how long that would take.  We will be going in a deluxe motor coach...with plenty of room and a potty area.  We can also watch movies....and nap.

We will take in 2 baseball games...Brewers against the Cardinals.  Of course we will have our Cardinal attire on rooting for our home team.  I haven't really been watching baseball this I will just shout out...GO CARDINALS...a few times.    We are going to Oshkosh Aviation Museum.  Should be kinda fun.  I like museums...except the ones with wax people.  They really creep me out.  And we will be going on a cruise in Milwaukee.    The real highlights for me will be visiting the Shrine of St. Josaphat, Holy Hill, Our Lady of Good Help and Our Lady of Guadalupe.  I hope my camera cooperates and allows me to have a few memories to bring back with me.  And then a few weeks after this trip I will go on a 5 day silent retreat in Indiana.  I don't get out very I am really looking forward to these two occasions.  I was hoping for cooler weather but it looks like the weather will be about the same as ours.  Oh well....September will be here sooner than we think.  I hope.  As much as I love the greenery of spring and summer...this year there has been too  much dead grass and flowers.  I am just hoping for a nice fall and winter.


The Bug said...

That sounds like a nice trip. I usually pull against the Cardinals, but since I don't really care anything about the Brewers I'll root for the Cards too :)

Rudee said...

I am so behind the times here! I hope you're having a fabulous time in Wisconsin.

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