Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Mind is S L O W I N G down..............

I would like to blog more...but I just can't stay focused lately.  I get up every day and try to remember if something is expected of me.  I can only deal with one day at a time....sometimes one moment at a time.  In a lot of ways...that is kind of a nice place to be.  I do remember being younger and my mind racing so fast with thoughts....I was worn out just dealing with my  mind and all of my body energy.  These days....I have so little of either one.  Bodily energy or mental focus.  I have managed to get involved with activities at church.  I am a member of The Legion of Mary, sponsor for RCIA, and a weekly Bible Study.  Also starting something on Mondays that is connected to The Legion of Mary.  The main things that the Legion of Mary is involved in is to go to Nursing homes and pray the rosary with those who want to pray with others.  We bring  Eucharist to some home bound people and try to spend time with those who just need the companionship of another human being.   I am just getting I am excited to get involved.
I have been looking at places for us to live that won't have stairs...because my knees are not doing so well.  What a challenge that is.  I want to pick the right place because I doubt we will move again after this.  I go back and forth on how much room we need to feel comfortable.  I really dread having to put our house on the market because I am afraid that we are going to have to invest too much money to fix it up.  Maybe this is why my mind stays in a fog most of the time....I am just delaying the unpleasant......


Rudee said...

I don't blog that much anymore, either. Sometimes I think the minutia of my life is just not worth repeating, so I don't.

I think you'll like being involved in the lives of others providing spiritual care. It's very rewarding to minister to others and takes you quite outside yourself.

Whatever you decide to buy, add 200 square feet. What I wouldn't give for a few more sacred square feet of space right now! Of course, if we could get our kids to move, that would open up immediately.

The Bug said...

We love our little one level house - especially after 12 years of a 3rd floor apartment. But we could definitely use more space.

I go through periods where I just don't have any focus either - this past week I couldn't seem to get a real blog post written.

I've been doing Lay Eucharistic ministry - and it is very rewarding.

sandy said...

Where has the time gone - I haven't been here in so long.

Sorry to hear about your knees giving you problems.

I never thought we would do 2 story again. But I love this place. I also thought we would go small. And I'm glad we didn't. We went from five bedrooms, two offices, to 4 bedrooms and it's perfect size.

Don't go too small you may regret it.

About getting the house ready and the cost - I kind of wish we hadn't put as much money into it in that last year as we did. We sold finally in the bad economy and I question whether we needed to do all that we did. anyway -.....hope you find it easy to get it ready and to sell...

word of advice - don't get too eager to downsize and throw everything out or give it away. We are still buying replacement stuff because I thought I wouldn't need it. Stupid move on my part.

sandy said...

p.s. I love living alone and all -but now I have no grandkids to watch and I kind of miss them. I can't even look at Mac's blog much - or go into the archives because it's so bittersweet.

I get to see them next week - they are flying down with their mom. My son will be here this weekend.

Winifred said...

I haven't blogged as much either Brenda. I had such good intentions of putting some photographs on but my camera has just packed up on me.

I'm dreading having to move one day. We don't have a big house but I'm such a hoarder. I keep all kinds of things I really don't need & I have so much wool, fabric & cake decorating gear that fill my cupboards. My daughter keeps telling me when I pop my clogs she's just going to get a skip & throw everything out. Nice!

I've volunteered to help out at a couple of primary schools. I listen to children read & I'm starting to teach them to knit soon. I also do some work on the church website keeping it up to date with services etc. Looks like you're really involved with the Legion of Mary. We have one but I have no idea what they do. Seems to be a closed shop here! Getting involved does help you.
Hope your knees are paining you too much and you find a lovely home. Keep us up to speed with what you're up to.

Take care.

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