Thursday, October 25, 2012

History in the making...

Bob and I have been watching the mini-series show about John Adams.  I am so slow about watching movies and things sometimes.  I don't remember when this came out, but I heard it was really good.  I saw it at the library and rented it.  We still have one more DVD to watch...but I already have an opinion I wanted to share here.  I think this is a really really good series.....but when I googled it I saw on Wiki that there was a long list of  Historical inaccuracies.  I can not figure out why they would put so much into making the film and then not show things as they really happened.   Or how it was recorded in history.  Some seem to be minor, but I would still  like to ask whomever made the decision to alter historical facts...why they did it.
I have to tell you that I am really sick of all of the negative campaign ads.  I cannot wait for  election day.  I  don't know about where you live...but where I live....the campaign ads would tend to make a person NOT want to vote at all.  One person says awful things about one and the other one tries to top it and on and on and on.    I wonder if little kids watching these ads.. think that if you want to go into a government line of had better start digging up some dirt on your opponent and then raise money to pay for the mud slinging piece of crap to try and get yourself a job in that office.  When you think about it....does any of that make any sense?  I know our country was just getting started during John Adams time....but...I don't think he ran for office.  The people just decided they wanted him.  I is hard to compare those days with our days....but does make me wonder.
Just another little reflection for the day.  I was wondering when someone awakens you from REM sleep....does it cause brain damage.  That happened to me this morning and I had the weirdest feeling as I was trying to fully wake up.  I thought I had brain damage....with my loss of brain cells rapidly wouldn't take much to get there.  I know I don't have many left because I have been going to a Bible Study once a week.  We are studying Joshua.  Very difficult to comprehend all of this.  I should have been writing about it on my faith blog.  Maybe I could have made better sense of it there.  Oh well...enough words for this day.......


The Bug said...

We have that mini-series but I've never watched it (don't know if Mike has or not). He gets frustrated with the historical inaccuracies too (of course - ha!).

Well, being in Ohio we are definitely getting our share of negativity. It WILL be great once the election's over. Hopefully Facebook can go back to normal too :)

Rudee said...

I watched the miniseries when it first came out and loved it until the last couple of episodes. I did read David McCullough's book which was the basis of the series, and it was better than the HBO production.

I'm ready to vote and have it be over, too. We really, really need campaign reform in this country. The majority of the hateful ads are put up by people who are NOT the candidates, but are special interest groups (both sides). In Michigan, we have a couple of ballot proposals being put forth by one wealthy man who owns a bridge that's an international border crossing. He does not want the state to build its own crossing in partnership with Canada. He wants to own it all and he's a truly despicable sort. His ads are running nonstop. His ballot proposals, that would change our constitution are worded in such a way that I think people will be tricked when voting and won't really understand the issue at hand. Disgusting!

If you want a good escape, read David McCullough's book on John Adams. Also, John Sandford's new book, Mad River, was pretty good.

Winifred said...

You must be sick of all the ads & news about the election. We were in Orlando in August & we were sick of hearing about it then, I was surprised at how different the advertising is and how much more of it there is.

I hate it when our election in the UK comes around but thankfully they call an election quickly & the advertising only starts after that. They are only allowed to have ads for the main parties, not people & the three parties are restricted to the same amount of advertising time on telly thank goodness.

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